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Take a Closer Look at Mak Ro’s Latest Single, “Hero”

Mak Ro (@makromusicofficial), composed of Eric Makapugay and Kristoffer Ruaro, is a Filipino-American duo based in Memphis, TN. Their unique blend of chill indie music has been turning heads and soothing souls. Recently, they released a new track “Hero,” which encapsulates their laid-back yet engaging musical style.

Mak Ro – “Hero” single

“Hero” blends unique musical elements with heart-wrenchingly honest lyrics about the complexities of love that exist solely in the dark. The song showcases Mak Ro’s ability to create soothing music that has been well-received by fans and critics alike and praised for its intricate arrangement and heartfelt delivery. “Hero” is also a testament to Mak Ro’s growing prowess in the indie music scene.

“We’re super excited to be sharing a new side of us with our listeners,” Kris stated. “I know it’s been a whole year since our last release but I think my favorite part about this song is that we really got a chance to take our time shaping and molding it into something so beautiful and cinematic. Overall, I feel like we came up with something that we haven’t really heard ourselves do before. Kinda like putting on a new outfit and being surprised at how well it fits. Like, OK SERVE!”

Eric added: “‘Hero’ is one of those songs that just flowed so well when we were writing it and fit together like a perfect puzzle piece. I’m excited to be sharing this new side of our music that felt so cathartic to us in the process.”

“Can a hero get a little love?”

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Photo by @madelinerosephotos

Mak Ro produces a soulful sound with influences from Pop, R&B, and Rock music but overall creates works that fuse a variety of genres. They have released 14 singles and a 4-song EP since their first release in 2019 with their newest single “Just We (feat. Jordan Occasionally)” being their third song to drop in 2023.

Mak Ro’s sound is a refreshing mix of indie vibes with a touch of Filipino-American cultural influence. Their music often features mellow melodies, thoughtful lyrics, and a relaxed tempo that invites listeners to unwind and enjoy the moment. It’s the kind of music that pairs well with a lazy afternoon or a contemplative evening.

If you’re a fan of chill indie music, Mak Ro is worth a listen. Their songs offer a unique blend of cultural influences and musical talent, creating a sound that is both familiar and new. Whether you want to relax or find inspiration, Mak Ro’s music provides the perfect soundtrack.

Mak Ro – “Hero” single

Mak Ro - Hero cover art

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