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Smell the Love-filled Vibes from Loss Cozz’s New Indie Soul Single, “Foos”

Loss Cozz is a singer-songwriter who grew up grew up in Broward County Florida. Not too long ago, he released an endearing indie soul single, “Foos,” via Dope Records.

Loss Cozz – “Foos” single

“Like the deepest waters, you don’t know the depths of my love and how I feel for you. If I could switch off every star and all the lights just went away my world would still be bright because of you. You got a lover in me, this love won’t just let me, let me be. Oh, you’ll never know, you’ll never really know what having you girl really means to me.  I promise I won’t ever leave you behind. You’ll never be alone as long as I’m alive. I would give it all up just for one more night, but it’s a good thing you already mine.” – lyrics

“Foos” contains ear-pleasing soul vocals and an endearing narrative that will surely resonate well with anyone who is currently in love with their significant other. With love in his heart, Loss Cozz sings with great passion, “No one can feed my soul like the way that you have for so long.” Straightforward, honest, and simple, “Foos” showcases Loss Cozz’s vocal talent in an extraordinarily soulful way.

Loss Cozz

Loss Cozz press photo

“This song to me is an expression of the feeling that being truly in love with someone can inspire, that which will numb the feelings of otherwise enjoyable experiences because they pale in comparison. It’s also a reminder of my roots as I come from a southern soul background, and I truly hope it brings joy to people who listen.” – Loss Cozz explained

Loss Cozz is making a name for himself one concert at a time. To date, he has opened up for blues legend Buddy Guy and R&B artist Bam Savage. In 2017, Cozz suffered a motorcycle accident and another in 2019 costing him the use of his right wrist. Refusing to be set back, Cozz was back in the studio within a month of both accidents. Due to felony charges in 2019, Cozz took a step away from the industry only to come back with songs featuring Eazy Mac and Just Juice.

In 2021, Cozz released an official music video for his “Notice” single. Since then, Cozz has been working tirelessly on new music and will be releasing new songs featuring Eazy Mac, Just Juice, PRZNT, HunnaV, Bdice, and Turk Tha Savage to name a few in the upcoming year.

Loss Cozz – “Foos” single

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“I’ve looked from the tops of beautiful white mountains, and the view just seemed to numb the cold. I have been out in the ocean where your eyes don’t reach the shore, just a waste without your hand to hold. You have been the one for all this time and I just couldn’t see, maybe I just couldn’t be so bold. But it never seemed like I could learn the lesson until I was like today years old.” – lyrics

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