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Keithian releases a delicious R&B tune, entitled, “Birds”

Keithian is an R&B/Soul singer-songwriter from New Orleans, Louisiana. Not too long ago, he released “Birds”, a delicious single from his upcoming EP, entitled, “… to my Pain”.

Keithian – “Birds”

“‘Birds’ was written about me trying to fall in love, but realizing I’m not fully there. My heart and mind were on other sh*t, like hoes, and bullsh*t. I mean, I’m a guy of nature and when I looked at birds at that time in my life, they reminded me of how I should’ve been flying away from bad behaviors and being honest with that someone I was participating in fake love with.” Keithian

‘Birds’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and a soothing instrumentation created by Caribbean producer/keyboardist Oliver Delcros-Sainville during a session working on music for Rihanna

Keithian + “Birds” artwork

Keithian + "Birds" artwork

“Ultimately, I want my music to be known for good vibes, humility, inspiration, and truth. My soul is a gumbo of music, just like the world we live in. And since I make music for the people, and there are people of all kinds of taste and stories, I’ll let them choose what music they want from me. The first song I’d like to give them is ‘Birds’.”  Keithian

Keithian, once signed to Virgin Records, has written and produced for some of music’s biggest names. Being Cuban and a Jazz musician, the record labels found it difficult marketing his sound. He was told it was difficult to gain mainstream success in those genres and they were not willing to support his endeavors. When Keithian went back to Louisiana, he recreated his sound and perfumed it with urban pop, R&B, and Latin music.

We recommend adding Keithian’s “Birds” single to your personal playlist.

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