EMMI releases a lovable pop tune, entitled, “Moments”

EMMI is an Aussie/British pop singer. Not too long ago, she released “Moments”, a lovable pop tune from her new concept playlist, entitled, “LOVERS”.

EMMI – “Moments”

“I’m the enemy, I’m at war with myself, mm. I’m an idiot and I’m sure you can tell, oh. Yeah, my mouth has a mind of its own. It keeps running and running away and away from me. It’s my specialty, making moments of it.” – lyrics

‘Moments’ tells an evergreen tale of a young woman who’s been drinking an intoxicating drink at a social location. She’s by herself, and when she looks around, she sees groups of people conversing. Then out the corner of her eye, she spots an individual drinking by himself.

She exhales deeply, fixes her attire, and walks over to him. He looks up and blankly stares at her. With butterflies in her stomach, she blurts, “And I, I’m outta luck, ’round folks I don’t know. Maybe I should drink a little less or go home. I just saw you and I had to come to say hello. But, f*ck, I’ve said too much.”



At this cringe-worthy moment, silence lasts forever because she doesn’t know what to say next. Plus, the guy looks surprised, he’s shy, and doesn’t know what to say either.

She breaks the ice and starts talking nonstop about crazy things. Eventually, she tells him, “Darling, shut me up with a kiss, or you’ll be the hit ’cause I missed. I need you to save the day ‘cause this is your moment.”

In conclusion, EMMI’s “Moments” is a wonderful song that we all can relate to. Therefore, we recommend adding it to your personal playlist.

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