DeAndre is a Boston-based hip-hop artist. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “Chose”, the lead single from his upcoming debut project, entitled, “Lost in the Details”.

DeAndre – “Chose”

“So many ways to get high but you chose me. So many ways to get by but you chose me. Nowadays feels like I’m only doing all the wrong things. And I’m ashamed because I know I won’t change. Nowadays feels like everybody tryna see what I feel like.” – lyrics

The video finds a woman driving a Ford sedan through a suburban neighborhood. She exits the vehicle and walks into a park area. The following scene shows her in her bedroom, where DeAndre walks over to her and starts rapping.

“Chose” contains a relatable storyline, melodic rap vocals, and an intense instrumentation perfumed with an unnerving soundscape.  

DeAndre – “Chose”


“I wrote the whole project a year ago while I was living in an apartment in Quincy. This was significant because it was the first time I had gotten all the freedom I wanted from family when I moved to my own apartment. I literally got lost in the details of my life, my friends, and the type of person I was becoming. The project [Lost in the Details] is around 85% done, and I’m hoping for an early November release.” – DeAndre

We recommend adding DeAndre’s “Chose” single to your personal playlist.

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