Amerie + “4AM Mulholland” artwork

Amerie releases a steamy music video for her “Curious” single

Amerie is a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter/producer. Not too long ago, she released a steamy music video for “Curious”, a delicious R&B tune from her “4AM Mulholland” EP.

Amerie – “Curious”

“There you are, here I am. Are you reading my mind? Never said things I’ve said. Get ready for, ready it’s time for you and I. All I want, turn you on. Curious, (you know I’m not the only one). What you want, say I’m what you want, Curious. We been way too long, way too long (Curious, you put me on). Now we got all night long, all night long.” – lyrics

‘Curious’ tells an adoring tale of a woman who finds herself in a cozy situation with an individual who she desires to be with romantically. Apparently, she isn’t the only one with romance on her mind. Therefore, she urges her love interest to say the right words which would ignite a long and prosperous night of passionate lovemaking.

‘Curious’ contains a relatable storyline and sweet soul vocals. Also, the song possesses hypnotic instrumentation produced by Pierre Heath with postmodern hip-hop and urban soul innovation.

Amerie – “Curious”

Amerie is the daughter of a Korean artist and an American military officer. She was born in Massachusetts, raised all over the world, and graduated from Georgetown University with a bachelor’s in English. Also, she’s known for her unorthodox fusion of musical influences, electrifying vocals, and charismatic live performances.

The bubbly singer continues to set trends while defying categorization. She is a writer of fiction and editor of the New York Times bestseller, “Because You Love to Hate Me” (Junior Library Guild Selection 2017).

Get acquainted with Amerie’s latest projects by steaming her “4AM Mulholland” & “After 4AM” EPs via Spotify.

“4AM Mulholland” + “After 4AM”


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