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ZIKAI releases a lovely visualizer for her blissful new “Summer 16” single

ZIKAI (@iamzikai) is a Swedish Grammy-winning singer-songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden. Not too long ago, she released a lovely visualizer for her blissful new “Summer 16” single via Northbound Music Group.

ZIKAI – “Summer 16” visualizer

“I felt very nostalgic on the day of making ‘Summer 16.’ I know 2016 was a very defining year for me. I was 18, carefree, a lil bit stupid, in love. Rihanna dropped an album and sometimes I miss those days even though I’d never relive it again. Sometimes, it hits me though how fast time is moving and sort of running away and that’s essentially what I felt the day I wrote ‘Summer 16.’” – ZIKAI explained

‘Summer 16’ alluringly invites listeners to a bittersweet memory of a 2016 love story, which simmers in a boiling pot filled with nostalgia. The blissful single contains charming vocals, sweet melodies, and a flashback narrative that will surely resonate well with avid supporters of Amber Mark, Kiana Ledé, and Mahalia. The romantic-laden song also possesses thudding drums and groovy bass-laden instrumentation flavored with contemporary and electro-pop elements. Furthermore, “Summer 16” follows mildly on the heels of ZIKAI’s previously released single, “Super 8.”

Zikai – “Super 8” visualizer

“I named it ‘Super 8’ because during the session I imagined the song in a movie scene – a hot summer day, palm trees, me driving around in the same yellow Cadillac that Al Pacino drives in Scarface. And all of this would be filmed in super 8mm. It suited the sound image.” – Zikai explained

‘Super 8’ is a song about reclaiming power and setting boundaries in relationships. It is inspired by Zikai’s desire for a deep and genuine connection with a person she believed worthy of her love, while over the years, she has learned to set boundaries in toxic relationships. In this way, she takes back the power. This is the first single from Zikai’s upcoming EP, and with this strong start, it will no doubt be a journey to look forward to.

ZIKAI – “Summer 16” single

ZIKAI - “Summer 16” cover

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