ZANGBA (Zangba Thomson) is an award-winning Liberian-American author and recording artist based in Long Island, New York. Not too long ago, he released a classic hip-hop tune, entitled, “Hotep Brother”, produced by Erex Beatz. Also, the classic tune was released in association with ZANGBA’s latest novel, entitled, “Three Black Boys: The Hotep Brother Manuscript”, the second book from his “Three Black Boys book series“.

ZANGBA – “Hotep Brother” single

“Hands down I’ma winner, awards in my hand. The audience applauds, yelling, “Zang, you’re the man!” So my confidence rose, killer smile when I pose. Chicks do the choosing, why you mad I got chose? Ahead on the polls and it’s not even close. A mile ahead of them but I don’t mean to boast. I wanna make a toast, no egg, butter, cheese. On my way to the bank to deposit another G’. A young brother doing it, an entrepreneur. Playing with dough like a Baker, grossing like “Takers”. Made the transition from talking it to doing it. Now my grass green and the sky got blue in it. But one wrong move can and will ruin it. I made the right decision, kept on pursuing it. Hard work, dedication, 24-7. Now I ‘Get Money’ like 50, Bam Jiggy.” – lyrics

‘Hotep Brother’ finds ZANGBA talking about how he used his higher senses, faith (beliefs), and good decision-making to persevere on his road to success. The sophisticated tune contains an introspective, evergreen narrative, ear-welcoming vocals, and prosperity-laden wordplay. Also, the song possesses melodic instrumentation scented with a positive hip-hop vibration.

“On my way to the top people starting to shrink.”

Bliss Body + (model) Zangba Thomson + photo by Dustin Mooney jr.

Photo by Dustin Mooney jr.

“I wrote ‘Hotep Brother’ to encourage listeners to never give up in life, no matter what. Even though the road to success is difficult to travel on at first, if you continue walking, you will end up on prosperity street, where everything is golden. “Hotep Brother” represents the golden era of hip-hop, and finds me having a timeless conversation embedded with an evergreen message stuffed with optimism. Also, the song’s structure disrupts the expected, and that’s okay. Water never needed structure. It just flows, and that’s what I’m doing, flowing. My goal is to inspire, rejuvenate, and insert positive energy into a great genre that once supplied the world with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.” – ZANGBA

ZANGBA’s creative works have been seen on or talked about in major media outlets such as FOX 5, NBC, Today, Fox & Friends, Kathy Lee & Hoda, ABC, and Essence Magazine to name a few. Not too long ago, he received a “Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition” from Congressman Charles B. Rangel for his literary achievements, commitment to strengthening our Nation, and making a difference through volunteering service in urban communities.

“Let’s get rid of ignorance by being aware of reality.”

ZANGBA - Hotep Brother cover art

Cover art by Edward Elysee

‘Hotep Brother’ serves as a wonderful eargasmic introduction to what listeners can expect to hear from ZANGBA in the near future. Also, the classic tune was released in association with ZANGBA’s latest novel, entitled, “Three Black Boys: The Hotep Brother Manuscript”, the second book from his “Three Black Boys book series“.

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