Yasminah releases a wonderful r&b tune, entitled, “9AM Everclear”

Yasminah is an independent r&b/soul singer-songwriter based in New York City. Not too long ago, she released a wonderful r&b tune, entitled, “9AM Everclear”.

Yasminah – “AM Everclear”

“I wish you the best that’s what I’m ‘posed to say. On this particular day, I don’t feel no way. I wish you the worse, that’s what I wanna to say. On this particular day that’s how I feel.” – lyrics

‘AM Everclear’ tells the tale of a woman who regrets wasting her time and energy on a guy who doesn’t deserve her love. She realizes her mistake—thinking he would step up to the plate when their love got thick. But instead, he lacks the skill to swim on the deep end of their pool of love. Therefore, she tells him, “What was I thinking crying over you?”



“‘9AM Everclear’ is an airy, acoustic song I wrote about youth and love on a long subway ride home. The period of reflection after a drastic break-up. When you get honest with yourself and say, ‘Look, I may have wasted some time on you but time is always on our side so I will find someone new.” – Yasminah

Yasminah is an opened book. A talented singer who creates music that mirrors her reality. She was born in New York but raised in North Carolina. Growing up in the early ‘90s, she fell in love with hip-hop and pop cultures.

We recommend adding Yasminah’s “9AM Everclear” single to your personal playlist.

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