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Relax and Groove with Yacht Rock Revue’s New “Tropical Illusion” Single

Yacht Rock Revue (@yachtrockrevue) is a 10-piece band (Nicholas Niespodziani, Peter Olson, Greg Lee, Mark Dannells, Mark Bencuya, David B. Freeman, Keisha Jackson, Kourtney Jackson, Jason Nackers, and Ganesh Giri Jaya) founded in Atlanta, Georgia. Not too long ago, they released a nostalgic soft-rock single, “Tropical Illusion,” via PleaseRock. The song was co-written and featuring Elliot Lurie from the legendary band Looking Glass, along with Nicholas Niespodziani, lead vocalist of Yacht Rock Revue.

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“Tropical Illusion” pays homage to the 1972 Memorial Day weekend success of Looking Glass’ groundbreaking hit, “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl).” Regarded as the inaugural Yacht Rock anthem, “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl),” soared up the charts during that holiday weekend, and Yacht Rock Revue’s “Tropical Illusion” further encapsulates that serene, laidback love song.

“The best escape isn’t a place — it’s escaping into a feeling with someone you love, and that’s what ‘Tropical Illusion’ is about,” Nicholas Niespodziani explained. “I collaborated on this song with Elliot from Looking Glass, known for writing and being the lead vocalist on ‘Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl).’ The song got its start when we played a show together in Jamaica, and I think you can hear that tropical vibe in the track.”

Speaking on the collaboration, Elliot Lurie elaborated, “I played my first gig with Yacht Rock Revue about 12 years ago. I didn’t know what yacht rock was then, but there were 5,000 people in a park in Atlanta groovin’ to a killer band. I sang Brandy with them and I was an instant Yacht Rock Revue fan. It’s great to now have co-written a tune with Nick for their new album.”

Yacht Rock Revue – “Tropical Illusion” Single

Yacht Rock Revue - “Tropical Illusion” cover art

“Tropical Illusion” sets the tone for more original music to come from Yacht Rock Revue, culminating in a project that will serve as the sonic backdrop for sunsets and ocean breezes — embodying the essence of embracing life’s simple pleasures. “Every day I dream of you, every night my dream come true.”

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