Wesleezy press photo
Photo by Ziggy Ranier

Wesleezy releases a jazz instrumental, entitled, “My Lonely Soul”

Wesleezy is an Asian-American pianist based in Los Angeles. Not too long ago, he released “My Lonely Soul”, a jazz instrumental from his debut studio album, entitled, “Hybrid Behavior”.

Wesleezy – “My Lonely Soul”

“I love the saxophone on this song because it is the standout instrument, and we mixed it so that it has so much room to shine. I want the melody to really represent the idea of ‘my lonely soul’ and how it sometimes feels difficult to be understood by other people. We had an upright bass, piano, drums, and saxophone in this piece.” – Wesleezy

‘My Lonely Soul’ is the first jazz song that Wesleezy has ever written. He writes and composes for many genres including R&B, Pop, singer-songwriter, and worship music.

His goal is to be a composer for TV/film and a writer for other artists in the industry. Also, to provide a voice for Asian artists in the industry.

Get acquainted with Wesleezy’s music by streaming his “Hybrid Behavior” album via Spotify.

“Hybrid Behavior” album

“I would describe my sound as emotional. I want people to be able to feel the emotion that I am portraying in my music, and I think that instrumental music is the perfect way to do that. It’s sometimes hard for me to say how I feel, but I can express it well enough in the music that I create.” – Wesleezy

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