Vox Eagle + Pierre Fontaine in an urban setting

Vox Eagle & Pierre Fontaine release a poppin’ tune, entitled, “Wander”

Vox Eagle is an Australian producer residing in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Not too long ago, he released a poppin’🍾pop-psych-soul tune, entitled, “Wander”, with Pierre Fontaine, a Brooklyn rapper and FreshMind label founder. 

Vox Eagle – “Wander” w/ Pierre Fontaine

“‘Wander’ explores a mash up of indie-soul and hip-hop. It was a blast bringing two musical cultures from opposite ends of the worlds and collaborating until we had a song we were both stoked on.” – Vox Eagle

‘Wander’ contains a bittersweet storyline, harmonious melodies, and an energetic instrumentation embedded with a smooth outdoor vibe.

Vox Eagle + Pierre Fontaine

Vox Eagle + Pierre Fontaine in the winter

“Vox Eagle was all about bringing my influences from Australia and collaborating with as many exciting artists as I could here in the U.S.” – Vox Eagle

‘Wander’ is a single from Vox Eagle’s debut album, entitled, “Trium Avium”. Also, check it out below and let us know what you think.

“Trium Avium”

We recommend adding Vox Eagle’s “Wander” single to your personal playlist.

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