Vantage releases a lovely lyric visualizer for his “Sweet Spot” single

Vantage is an Osaka, Japan-based DJ and producer from France. Not too long ago, he released a lovely lyric visualizer for his “Sweet Spot” single via FFRR/Big Beat Records.

Vantage – “Sweet Spot” lyric visualizer

“‘Sweet Spot’ is very much inspired by the late ‘90s French house scene. I wanted to see if it was possible to recreate the feeling of sampled music with no sample. Back then, I had just got my first serious synthesizer, a prophet 5 rev.2. And while learning and experimenting with it, I ended up making the part that would then be sampled and sped up for ‘Sweet Spot.’” – Vantage explained

‘Sweet Spot’ contains a happy narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with music lovers worldwide. The summery, feel-good single possesses lush instrumentation flavored with disco dance, future funk, and electronic elements. Furthermore, “Sweet Spot” is the title track of Vantage’s latest four-track EP which draws inspiration from 2000s dance and filtered disco.

Vantage – “Sweet Spot” EP

Vantage - “Sweet Spot” song cover art

“This EP is a collection of songs that are very dear to me. I have spent a lot of time refining each single and I feel like the whole package is a good representation of the sonic spectrum that ‘Vantage’ lives within.” – Vantage explained

‘Sweet Spot’ EP blends the French Touch sound with Vapourwave and House. Alongside the title track, the project features previously released singles – 50/50, I Found You, and Think I’m In Love.

Vantage is a fast-rising leading figure in the future funk genre, an electronic music subgenre that takes inspiration from ‘80s funk and disco and 2000s dance music.

His re-released single, 50/50, became a viral hit via TikTok and found him an audience on a global scale as it generated over 60 million streams. Meanwhile, ‘I Found You’ built on his signature filtered disco sound by using a range of analog synths and instruments to create his distinctive tone. ‘Think I’m In Love’ brings the energetic funk stylings of Vantage, fusing them with featuring artist Todd Edward’s vocal wizardry.



Vantage has previously remixed songs for the likes of Dua Lipa on Fever. He has gotten radio support from Capital Dance and Radio 1 Dance Anthems. And plays from the likes of MistaJam and Jack Saunders. In 2021, he collaborated with visual artist, Kidmograph (who has previously worked with Kendrick Lamar) on a run of sold-out NFTs as well as an array of other visual artists. Cultivating an immersive world at the intersection of sound and technology, Vantage continues to spread his artistic influence, and ‘Sweet Spot’ is next on his agenda.

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