Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Vancouver Sleep Clinic releases a mesmeric single, entitled, “Trippin”, featuring IDK

Vancouver Sleep Clinic is the solo project of Tim Bettinson, an Australian ambient and electronic singer-songwriter/producer. Not too long ago, the Brisbane-based Alternative artist released “Trippin“, a mesmeric single from his “Therapy Phase 02” EP featuring IDK. The project is the continuation of Bettinson’s “Therapy Phase 01” EP. 

Vancouver Sleep Clinic – “Trippin”

“Trippin is a contemplative and beat-driven exploration that draws on influences from hip-hop, R&B, and ambient melody. Also, it features IDK, who has recently been all over the internet and viral charts with “No Wave” alongside Denzel Curry.”

Bettinson spent the last several years oscillating between independent music production and the travails of the music industry. Also, his multi-part THERAPY project serves as a sonic representation of his creative liberation.

Not too long ago, he released a music video for the first single from the EP, entitled, “Silver Lining“, produced by FnZ (A$AP Rocky).

Vancouver Sleep Clinic – “Silver Lining”

“She got caught in the current. Now she drowning in the hundreds. Made it rain, made it thunder. All the weight pulled her under. She cut me up like the diamonds. Around her neck, keep her shining.  She makes it rain under my eyelids. I don’t see the silver lining.”

“Trippin” and “Silver Lining” will both be featured on Bettinson’s “Therapy Phase 02” EP, available this Friday. Also, he’s on tour this summer throughout Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. For the full schedule, or to purchase tickets, please visit songkick.

In the meantime, check out Bettinson’s “Therapy Phase 01” EP. 

“Therapy Phase 01”

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