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The Tribe of Good drops their “Turning It up for the Sunshine” single

The Tribe of Good is a London-based collective. Not too long ago, they released a lyric video for “Turning It up for the Sunshine”, a funky dance tune from their upcoming debut album.

The Tribe of Good – “Turning It up for the Sunshine”

“I’ve always had a deep love of the classic Philly Disco sound. Those records mark the birth of modern dance music and sound as fresh to me today as the day they were recorded.” – Rich ‘Fiasco’ Adlam

‘Turning it Up For The Sunshine’ features the wonderful vocals of Vula Malinga (Basement Jaxx, Quincy Jones). The song was originally the brainchild of Rich ‘Fiasco’ Adlam, one of the key producers in the collective.

Rich and Hal recorded the song using 100% authentic ‘70s recording equipment. Additives include full live string and brass sections and amazing disco guitar from Jamiroquai’s Rob Harris.

Also, the song is flavored with additional production from Italian Electro Wunderkind Phonat and it was mixdown by Grammy-winning mixer Wez Clarke.

‘Turning It up for the Sunshine’ contains an inspiring storyline and ear-welcoming soul vocals. Also, it possesses a happy sun-drenched retro instrumentation flavored with disco, funk, and soul elements.

“Turning It up for the Sunshine”

“Everything you read online right now is so negative. It feels like there are dark forces dividing society. Hate is becoming the norm, and it’s terrifying. I wanted to fight back with love and positivity. I formed The Tribe Of Good for that reason. We can resist hate with music.” – Grammy-nominated producer, Hal Ritson

We recommend adding The Tribe of Good’s “Turning It up for the Sunshine” single to your personal playlist.

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