T.I. is a legendary rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. Not too long ago, he released a Floyd Mayweather diss track, entitled, “F**k N***a”.

Not too long ago, outrage poured out into the streets of urban America after Gucci unveiled a blackface-themed sweater which many called racist.

Floyd Mayweather, knowing that, made a crucial decision not to support a 3-months boycott against Gucci, which was ignited by the African-American community. Instead, he decided to spend a fortune at a Beverly Hills Gucci location.

His stance or support for Gucci left many boycotters upset because they considered the semi-retired boxing legend—a pillar in their community.

Shortly afterward, Mayweather received major backlash via social media.

T.I. – “F**k N***a”

T.I. – “F**k N***a” artwork

“I don’t give a f**k how much money you have. What did you do with it? How did you use it to make an impact and influence the world for the better? You rather go buy some jewelry. Whatever, but never should you ever think that it’s gon’ last forever. As soon as you blink, it will be gone as quick as it came.” – lyrics

Some people felt that Mayweather’s shopping spree was a spit in their face. Therefore, in no time, the internet was on fire, and things turned ugly real quick.

Insults were hurled at Mayweather for exercising his right to shop wherever and whenever he liked and his freedom of speech to voice his opinion about the boycott.   

T.I., who already has prior issues with Money May, attacked Mayweather verbally because the champ has never lost physically.

T.I. – “F**k N***a”

“The greatest reward come with some obligation. You owe the generation after you since they gon’ live in the world you made. Man, where’s your gratitude? You act like wasn’t no more poor people struggling after you. Look at you, yeah, you with the laugh, n***a you trash. You wouldn’t have never got big as you is if the folk in the hood wasn’t supporting your ass.” – lyrics

T.I. revealed that the undefeated boxer is a selfish, greedy, egotistical, and narcissistic individual. Someone who uses his wealth to only buy material things and support brands that blatantly poke fun at his race.

He suggested for Mayweather to use his wealth to provide scholarships, properties, and help to people dwelling in poverty.

Also, he stated that Mayweather needs to assist those who helped him to get to the upper echelon of the financial realm.

Gucci Blackface Sweater

gucci blackface

“We didn’t understand the sensitivities of the African-American community, which is reflected in that mistake. We can’t be content with saying we’re sorry.” – François-Henri Pinault

François-Henri Pinault, the billionaire who runs Gucci’s parent company Kering, apologized for the huge mistake that Gucci made in releasing the insensitive piece of clothing. Also, he vowed to push for more cultural sensitivity training with Gucci employees.

But T.I. rejected Pinault’s apology and urged boycotters to continue their embargo of the high-end fashion brand.  

Mayweather responded to T.I.’s diss track by issuing a statement via his Instagram account. In a nutshell, he declared that those who live in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones.

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