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Exploring the Rhythms of Thy Young’s Debut Album “Scent of Amie”

California-based Sierra Leonean producer Thy Young (@thyyungonthebeat also known as Francis Tiffa Williams) recently unveiled his debut album, “Scent of Amie,” via Survival Records, LLC. The heartfelt project is a dedication to Thy’s late mother and represents a rich amalgamation of modern and traditional sounds, pulsating with the vibrant rhythms of Afrobeats.

Thy Young – “Enjoyment” single

The focus track “Enjoyment” stands out as an uplifting anthem that encapsulates the spirit of celebration and resilience. Featuring the distinctive sound of the gumbe drum, native to West Africa and particularly cherished in Sierra Leone, the track is a sonic feast. The groovy bassline and jivey vocals make it impossible for listeners to stay in a bad mood. It’s a musical invitation to dance and revel in the joys of life.

Thy Young – “Scent of Amie” album

Thy Young - “Scent of Amie” album cover art

“‘Scent Of Amie,’ a dedication to my late mother, pulsates with the vibrant rhythms of Afrobeats, enriched by traditional sounds, such as the Gumbe drum, creating a mesmerizing fusion of West Africa and contemporary sounds that captivate the souls of audiences. My album not only features new up-and-coming artists but also legendary musicians such as Amie Kallon and Steady Bongo. I’m very proud of the cross-generational aspect of this project.” – Thy Young stated

“Scent of Amie” is a mesmerizing fusion of West African traditional sounds and contemporary music. The inclusion of the gumbe drum provides a rhythmic backbone that pays homage to Thy Young’s Sierra Leonean heritage. According to Thy Young, the album captivates the souls of audiences by blending these elements seamlessly.

One of the most remarkable aspects of “Scent of Amie” is its cross-generational collaboration. The album features both up-and-coming artists and legendary musicians, including Amie Kallon and Steady Bongo. This mix of talents brings various perspectives and styles to the project, making it a promising body of work.

“Scent of Amie” also stands as a beautiful and inspiring ode to the African diaspora, reflecting Thy Young’s dedication to his roots while pushing the boundaries of contemporary music. It’s a must-listen for anyone interested in the evolving landscape of Afrobeats and electronic music.

Ahead of the album release, Thy Young dropped two singles that have already garnered attention. The first single, ‘Luck,’ and the second, ‘Cocoa (Coco),’ offer a preview of what listeners can expect from this vibrant collection. Both tracks showcase Thy Young’s ability to blend electronic experimentation with traditional African sounds, creating a unique and engaging listening experience.

Thy Young

Thy Young - “Scent of Amie” album press photo

Thy Young has garnered recognition for his work as a producer. Regarded as one of the best producers in Sierra Leone, he is the man behind the beat for artists such as Kontri Boss, Dom B., Swadu Natasha Beckley, Mello Seven, Innocent Kuti, Kaley Bag, Bigg Shake, and many more.

Thy Young boasts the title of Best Music Producer of the Year 2020 & 2021 in the Sierra Leone National Entertainment Awards (NEAs). He’s credited for many of the hit songs out of Sierra Leone and globally. He produced the song “Champion” by Shadow Boxxer & Mellow Seven which was notably featured on CNN Inside Africa. Now, Thy is beginning to make waves and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Growing up, Thy Young used to listen to a lot of rap/hip-hop and traditional African music. A musician friend from the Sierra Leonean community inspired him to start making music, and the rest is history. Influenced by US hip-hop giants 2Pac and 50 Cent as well as Sierra Leonean legends Jimmy B., Amie Kallon and Steady Bongo, Thy Young’s sound is sure to please fans of Rema, Davido, and Obongjayar.

Thy Young – “Scent of Amie” album

Thy Young - “Scent of Amie” album back cover

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