The Little Miss
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The Little Miss releases an elegant folk tune, entitled, “Take Me, Too”

The Little Miss (Hayley Johnson) is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released “Take Me, Too”, an elegant folk tune from her “American Dream” EP.

The Little Miss – “Take Me, too”

“I hear the clock is ticking so loud. They say life, it is a journey. If it is I’m tired of traveling. I know the road goes on somehow. Take me to the final place. Take me to the end of the race. ‘Cause I can’t run, no, I can’t tithe anymore from this life.” – lyrics

“Take Me, Too” is an evergreen song is heavy replay value. It contains a mellow piano-driven instrumentation which flows smoothly underneath charismatic vocals that will take your breath away. Also, the storyline paints a vivid picture of life, particularly during its ending stage. 

The chillin’ imagery is relatable to all, and its timeless message sends comfort to those who have devotedly run their race. As they cross the finish line, an eternal bliss is felt. Shortly afterward, they are free from feeling pain or carrying their emotional and physical baggage. Also, a path forms in front of them and another race begins.

The Little Miss

The Little Miss

The Little Miss’s music is a mixture of jazz, alternative, blues, and traditional folk. Some labeled it—”a romantic, twenty-first century take on a seemingly simpler time.” Also, her influences include Woody Guthrie, Frank Sinatra, Cole Porter, Billie Holiday, and Bob Dylan.

“American Dream” EP

We recommend adding The Little Miss’s “Take Me, Too” single to your personal playlist.

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