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The Impact of Background Music on College Performance

So, exams are just around the corner and you have lots of assignments to complete. You are probably wondering how you can improve your performance. You want to study for exams and be productive, but you need to focus on your writing too.

You might have heard about the theory that music can in fact improve your college performance and make you more focused on what you have to do. But is it the truth? Should you listen to music when you are studying? Does background music have an impact on your college performance? Let’s find out.

Easing Stress

As a college student, you have to study a lot. You have to read books, research for your essays, write papers, and collaborate on group projects. That is a lot to grasp, especially if this is your first year of study. Even though it is not, college years become more and more complicated, so you need to find ways to manage your time, but also focus your attention on what you have to do. And sometimes, these times can become really stressful and overwhelming for any college student.

Well, listening to music has been proven to actually relieve stress and make you more relaxed, even when you are working on a challenging project. Many students struggle with writing, but they can get help from experts from writing bros who have many free essay samples you can inspire from. And also they can write papers on any topic for university students, which helps them get good grades. They all advise students to listen to background music, as music can be such a stress reliever exactly when you need it. And when you are less stressed, you can focus your attention easily and become more creative too.

Good Mood

You might experience challenging moments when you do not feel okay or when you feel you have just too much to handle. Burnout, depression, or anxiety are common in college students and they seriously put a toll on your learning process. They affect your development and improvement, so you cannot focus, you cannot be productive, or work on your tasks.

Listening to background music whenever you have to work on your tasks just puts you in a good mood. Upbeat music just lifts your spirits and improves your mood considerably. Whenever you feel down, which are moments you will probably experience during your college years, play some happy nice music and you will sense the difference.

Reducing Anxiety

One of the things many students experience during college years is anxiety. You might feel anxious when you need to present your project in front of the entire class and your teacher. You might feel anxiety before and during taking a test. Anxiety can be triggered by many stimuli but it can affect your performance. However, background music can help reduce anxiety. Music has uplifting effects on students, as shown by many studies.

So, whenever you feel anxious, just tune in to your favorite songs and listen to them. You will instantly feel less anxious, which will ultimately improve your productivity and performance. It depends on the music genre you listen to too, but studies have shown that rap and hip-hop music helps you find comfort and express your thoughts and emotions easily. However, each of us has a favorite music genre, so whatever you are listening to, if it is enjoyable, it will reduce anxiety considerably.

Improving Performance and Focus

The impact of background music on college performance is enormous. It helps you simply improve your performance and focus. However, it is essential to choose the music genre you are listening to carefully as some of it can distract you.

For example, music with lyrics is known to distract students from learning, especially when they engage in a demanding studying process. If you listen to instrumental music, your focus will be considerably boosted, which will in turn improve your performance. It just relieves the pressure of the moment and it helps you focus your attention on what you have to do.

Final Thoughts

All students listen to music, as it is such an essential part of our life. But can it actually help improve college performance? Well, it seems it does. Music can lift your spirits, help you get into a good mood before challenging exams, and ease stress and anxiety. All these are part of college life, so having music as a go-to solution for improved focus and performance is nice when you are trying to find solutions to all the challenges that college comes with.

About the Author:

Sylvester Greer is a blogger and content writer. He loves music and is currently learning to play the guitar and piano. His dream is to create music that soothes college students and helps them boost their performance and productivity.

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