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The 10 best motivational songs to listen to while studying

Studies by scientists from the University of Birmingham have shown that music is an effective assistant in performing monotonous work. Whether it’s thoughtless checking of e-mail or filling out a spreadsheet, the presence of music helps to increase the speed of such tasks.

Very often, students lack the motivation to write works, and in such cases, you can contact the college essay writing service WriteMyEssayOnline and get help with a paper. If you want to fundamentally deal with the problem, then it is best to start by adding motivational music to your life. ln this article, we have gathered for you the best 10 inspirational songs for studying.

(1) Flying Lotus – Flotus (song)

Words are distracting. According to Cambridge Sound Management Studies, you can’t blame all noise for performance degradation. It is the words that distract us. Because a person, hearing a speech, inevitably switches from the current topic and begins to listen to the lyrics. Such is our social nature.

(2) Jon Hopkins – Lost in Thought (song)

We can be distracted by any spoken words, regardless of whether we hear them in an office noise or in a song playing with headphones. Have you ever noticed how sometimes you find yourself listening to the lyrics of a track instead of doing something important? This is exactly the case. Instrumental music will help to avoid sticking to texts. No words, no distractions.

(3) Tycho – See (song)

The effect of listening to music depends on its pace. Canadian researchers have found that subjects are better at taking IQ tests while listening to dynamic music, and Baroque music is a favorite here. Groups of researchers from the University and Baltimore Hospital, as well as the University of Philadelphia, reached the same conclusion. Baroque music really helps to work better.

(4) Handel – Arrival of the Queen of Sheba

(5) J.S. Bach – Toccata & Fugue in D Minor, BWV 565: Toccata

(6) Henry Purcell – Tell me, some pitying angel

Another study by scientists at the Malaysian College of Engineering found that the Estimation of effects of alpha music on EEG components by time and frequency domain analysis showed a marked reduction in stress and signs of physical relaxation when listening to music at a rate of around 60 beats per minute. In the musical vocabulary, the term “larghetto” roughly corresponds to this pace.

(7) What a Feeling – Irene Cara

The song became famous thanks to the movie “Flash Dance” in 1983. Irene Kara sings about how important it is to realize a dream step by step, believe in it, and never give up to fear. In addition, in this motivating song, one more meaning can be considered: if you are not afraid of difficulties and work on yourself, sooner or later there will be an opportunity to earn a living with your hobby.

(8) The Second Coming – Juelz Santana

Once this track was in the Nike Basketball promo video. This story is about team spirit and the struggle for victory. “If you fall, get up and try it again.” How can you despair when you hear these lines pronounced to the formidable melody of Hector Berlioz?

(9) Survival – Muse

The official song of the Summer Olympics in London talks about how it is to surpass an opponent in all respects and win. The choir that assists Matthew Bellamy is gradually replaced by an epic guitar part, and this creates the feeling that you yourself are preparing for the Olympic Games. The song inspires the fight for gold in any sport and beyond.

(10) Don’t Give Up – Peter Gabriel

This song is organized as a dialogue between Peter Gabriel, who gives up after another failure, and Kate Bush, who cheers him up. The inspirational function of this song is triggered when it feels as if life has reached an impasse. Is it possible to disobey Kate Bush, who from chorus to chorus repeats in her gentle voice: “Do not give up”? Unlikely.

The 10 best motivational songs

Ideal volume—medium volume. This conclusion was made by scientists at four universities at once: studies have revealed a positive effect of listening to music at a moderate volume on creative thinking. According to these studies, both moderate and loud music help abstract thinking, but excessive volume prevents the brain from processing information.

In conclusion

Motivation is the most important thing for studying. Music will help you to keep your focus and maintain high productivity. Only you need to choose it correctly. If it comes to complex, creative, intellectual work that requires the active participation of the brain, then random music will not help. Here you need a special playlist. We tried to select the best songs for you to increase motivation and efficiency and we hope they will help you.

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