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Thaís Gulin releases an appealing music video for her “quar3ntine – a valentine in the quarantine” single

Thaís Gulin is a renowned singer-songwriter and actress from Curitiba, Brazil. Not too long ago, she made her American debut with an appealing music video for her “quar3ntine – a valentine in the quarantine” single. The song finds Gulin addressing politics, love, and social issues.

Thaís Gulin – “quar3ntine – a valentine in the quarantine” music video

The avant-garde video was filmed remotely in May of 2020 – during a time when the once lively city of Rio de Janeiro became deserted due to the coronavirus pandemic. Also, Gulin channels her free spirit in her first release since her 2013 hit single, entitled, “Cinema Big Butts.” She was lovestruck at the beginning of the pandemic but also disgusted by the outlandish behavior of her country’s president.

Gulin appointed her neighbor as director of photography, who also doubled as her cameraman. The video cascades through various scenes of Gulin intimately singing to her audience while creatively layering in stunning backdrops of the vacant coasts of Rio de Janeiro. These creative aspects enable the visuals to have a multidimensional and observational feel.

“‘Cause we were only a virus in each other’s quarantine.”

Thais Gulin press photo
Photo by João Wainer

“When COVID-19 first hit Brazil, we watched President Bolsonaro carelessly mishandle the pandemic by allowing the virus to rapidly spread throughout the country. He seemed to enjoy it. He would encourage people to disregard public health guidelines such as wearing masks and staying six feet apart, and would publicly mingle with his supporters by shaking their hands and hugging them. This is a political song disguised as a love song. It’s like if the emergency of love was running in parallel to the despair of political happenings.” – Thaís Gulin explained

In 2008, Thaís Gulin was nominated as Best New Artist at the Rival Petrobrás Awards. In 2011, her second album, ôÔÔôôÔôÔ, earned her national acclaim and featured collaborations with renowned singer-songwriters—Adriana Calcanhotto, Chico Buarque, and Tom Zé (Brazilian-stars-composers); as well as her own compositions and partnerships with Ana Carolina, Kassin, and Moreno Veloso.

Thaís Gulin

Thais Gulin press photo
Photo by João Wainer

“I wish you were my quarantine, wish you’d touch my face. I would never miss your kisses for a day, I wanna be locked up with you. In these days we never knew, it could make it all so surprisingly hot. While our Mr. President touches hands, we’d be having so much sex – they could see through my window. I would have you all for me, we would melt in this ghost town Rio’s turned out. All the beaches are empty but the sun does still come out.” – lyrics

‘quar3ntine – a valentine in the quarantine’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with fans of furgulixx and Altafonte. The quarantine-inspired tune possesses acoustic guitar-driven instrumentation flavored with a warm indie-pop vibration. Furthermore, “quar3ntine – a valentine in the quarantine” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from Thaís Gulin in the near future as she continues to release new music.

“quar3ntine – a valentine in the quarantine” single

Thaís Gulin - “quar3ntine - a valentine in the quarantine” song cover art
Photo by João Wainer

We recommend adding Thaís Gulin’s “quar3ntine – a valentine in the quarantine” single to your favorite indie-pop playlist. Also, let us know how you feel in the comment section below. Mel Blanc’s famous catchphrase, “That’s All Folks!” Thanks for reading another great article on Bong Mines Entertainment – the hot spot for new music. Furthermore, always remember that (P) Positive, (E) Energy, (A) Always, (C) Creates, (E) Elevation (P.E.A.C.E).

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