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Tessa Violet & MisterWives release a quarantine-inspired audiovisual for their “Bored” single

Tessa Violet is an LA-based singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she and MisterWives released a quarantine-inspired music video for their “Bored” single.

Tessa Violet & MisterWives – “Bored” video

“Working on this collab with MisterWives got me thinking about why it’s so inspiring to me to see someone like Mandy killing it in the alternative space. I think as women in rock, sometimes, it feels like we’re ‘alt-alt’. Just a little. But, outside of what’s typically thought of as alternative. Having Mandy (and the amazing horn section of MisterWives) join me on this track feels like a celebration of that feeling of being a little bit different! I hope when my young fans hear us together, it lights something up in them. Sometimes all it takes is seeing someone who looks like you doing a thing to inspire you.” – Tessa Violet stated

The quarantine-inspired audiovisual features snippets of fans coping in isolation. Also, the original version of “Bored” is featured on Tessa Violet’s “Bad Ideas” album.


MisterWives press photo

“I’ve been hooked on Tessa Violet since my friend introduced me to her music. And getting the chance to have her tour with us last December was an absolute dream. I always try to bring out women on the road since it is a complete boys club. And help grow what I like to call ‘Sistourhood’. So getting to see her completely tear up the stage so effortlessly with her spunky personality and hair as vibrant as her sound sucked me in the whole set. So much so that I was then scrambling to get ready for my own set. Because that allotted time is usually for warm-ups and getting ready. Needless to say, when Tessa asked me to sing on “Bored”, I immediately was in. Getting to be on this song with her was as fun as when Tessa and I went to Disney together.” – MisterWives’ Mandy Lee stated

MisterWives has a new album coming out on July 24, 2020, entitled, SUPERBLOOM. The 19-track project contains a personal reflection on growth in unexpected places. Also, it marks a moment of major transformation for frontwoman Mandy Lee and her bandmates: Etienne Bowler (drums), William Hehir (bass), Marc Campbell (guitar), Jesse Blum (keys, trumpet, accordion), and Mike Murphy (saxophone).

Tessa Violet & MisterWives – “Bored” single

Tessa Violet & MisterWives - “Bored” cover
Photo by Matty Vogel

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