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Sanshaya releases a lovely mood video for her dazzling new electro-pop single, entitled, “High on Love”

Sanshaya is a Berlin-based singer-songwriter from Donetsk, Ukraine. Not too long ago, she released a lovely mood video for her dazzling new electro-pop single, titled, “High on Love.”

Sanshaya – “High on Love” music video

“Look on your face is telling me why you’re breaking my mind into pieces. The look in my eyes is telling you why I’m talking but you won’t listen. The stars in the sky, the look in your eyes, kiss me I’m high. Don’t tell me why I see your mind.” – lyrics

‘High On Love’ finds Sanshaya sharing her own sense of happiness, which is human nature to seek. She sings with a subtle passion, “Darling, we don’t need to whisper. It’s not your heart, it’s who we are.” The mesmeric tune contains a dreamy narrative and soothingly smooth vocals that will resonate well with music lovers worldwide. Also, “High On Love” possesses thudding drums and guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with a contemporary European pop vibration.

“Tonight we can take the distance.”

Sanshaya press photo

The video was filmed on the coast of sunny Palermo (a city in Sicily, Italy) by Maksym Hetman, director and Face Production founder. The audiovisual is his personal dedication to the colorful dream city, a “Big Port” surrounded by mountains and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Also, the video was filmed with a love for the black-and-white aesthetics of Fellini’s movies.


Sanshaya press photo

“In my opinion, this is exactly what we are fighting for now in Ukraine, protecting a peaceful life. The opportunity to calmly contemplate, create, love, freely admire the beauty of the world in various manifestations.” – Sanshaya stated

Sanshaya’s life, like that of many Ukrainians today, was changed by the war. She left her home twice – her hometown in 2014 under shelling and Kyiv in 2022, leaving her mother in Ukraine in the occupied territory. This is the personal pain that she carries within herself. But she chose to sing from resource, not from pain, to be flexible and find herself in new circumstances. Relaxed, sensual music is her personal therapy and self-healing.

Sanshaya – “High on Love” single

Sanshaya - “High on Love” cover

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