Sangstaa - “DEAR ROSÉ” press photo

Sangstaa releases a heartfelt emo-pop tune, entitled, “DEAR ROSÉ”

Sangstaa is an LA-based Asian American singer-songwriter from South Korea. Not too long ago, he released a heartfelt emo-pop tune, entitled, “DEAR ROSÉ,” which starts off in a stripped-down way and builds into a kaleidoscope of soundscapes for a delightful and dramatic effect.

Sangstaa – “DEAR ROSÉ” single

“I’ve been working on myself, you would be proud of me. I know you never thought I would tell you goodbye. It’s been more than months since we talked, I need some closure, pick up the phone. Never thought you would tell me goodbye. Hope you kept all that sh*t I left in your room under the dresser. Went from lovers to strangers too fast. And I’m sorry, I’ve been trying to do my best. Honestly, I’m still f***ed up from the past.” – lyrics

‘DEAR ROSÉ’ tells an emotive tale about a young guy who recently broke up with his significant other. Apparently, he wants to have a discussion with his ex, perhaps settle their differences. However, accomplishing this daunting task is difficult because his ex is still mad at him and he doesn’t know why. Later, he tells her, “Don’t lie, you miss me too, baby, don’t try and act like you’re doing just fine. It’s been hard to pay you no mind. I’m not sure why we wasted our time.”

‘DEAR ROSÉ’ explores themes of love, loss, and remembering someone from a distance. The emotionally poignant and cathartic narrative tells listeners exactly what Sangstaa is going through, exposing the bruises in his broken heart. Also, “DEAR ROSÉ” contains a rich and multi-dimensional mix of warm intimate vocals laced with acoustic guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with alternative, emo-pop, and indie R&B elements.

“DEAR ROSÉ” single

Sangstaa - “DEAR ROSÉ” single

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