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Sam Casey releases an appealing music video for her “Good Fight” single

Sam Casey is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Not too long ago, she released an appealing music video for her “Good Fight” single. The video was produced by Moon Real Media, directed by Agata Waclawska, and cinematography by Alex Exists.

Sam Casey – “Good Fight” music video

“‘Good Fight’ elicits a contrast of emotions. The song depicts the daily struggle of uncertainty in one’s life and mirrors my (at times difficult) journey through the music industry. The song also illustrates a part of me that won’t let these bouts of mental illness derail me. As long as the song and video make people feel something, then I am happy. What they feel will be dependent on their own life experiences. I am eager to hear how this song hits different listeners!” – Sam Casey explained

‘Good Fight’ was born out of a conversation between Sam Casey and her co-writer, Laur Elle. They were having a casual discussion about the abundance of female musicians, yet the polarizing lack of females in positions of power, as well as the pressure to “look” like an artist rather than just being an artist. From that conversation, came their agreed sentiment that: All you can do is give it your best go, put up a good fight, and let the pieces fall where they may.

Sam Casey

Sam Casey - Good Fight video photo
Photo by Anthony Fascione

“Writing this song with Laur Elle showed me that I am really not the only one feeling these things. I’m not crazy because I feel like the world is crashing down sometimes and the universe is out to get me. I’m just going through something and I will put up my best fight to get over it. Most of all, this song helped me realize that I will fall, lose, be rejected, or have a crazy episode from time to time regardless of how hard I fight the feelings and, if I do fall, then accept it, move on, sweep it under the rug and don’t look back.” – Sam Casey explained

Sam began her songwriting as journal entries. In high school, she was never truly on the inside nor an outcast. She felt like she was the only person around her who was being honest about what they were feeling. Later on in life, she realized that this lack of capacity to filter her ideas and “inside thoughts” in order to please others was a strength and how the universe wanted her to be. Her songs are about her experiences with toxic relationships, struggles with mental illness, and the relatable feeling of things slipping in and out of control in your life that you always have to be ready to fight and push through.

Sam Casey – “Good Fight” single

Sam Casey - Good Fight cover art
Photo by Anthony Fascione. Graphic design by Adrienne Elkerton

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