SAAY - DOMINO press photo

SAAY Drops a Captivating Music Video for her “DOMINO” Single

SAAY (@saayworld) is a seasoned singer-songwriter, composer, and producer from South Korea. Not too long ago, she released a lovely Pop single, “DOMINO,” her first release in seven months via Universal Music Korea.

For the official music video, SAAY collaborated with the renowned male dance crew WE DEM BOYZ, as well as dancer IBAN, all of who have shown stellar performances in the popular Korean dance competition series Street Man Fighter and Street Woman Fighter.

SAAY – “DOMINO” Music Video

“Domino” is a metaphor that encapsulates the intricate emotions experienced throughout one’s life and career. SAAY described it as a representation of the conflicting feelings of anticipation and anxiety that accompany the pursuit of success. This analogy resonates with many of us who strive for perfection, knowing that even a minor misstep can lead to a chain reaction of failures, much like falling dominoes.

SAAY’s decision to express these complex emotions through the concept of “DOMINO” is a powerful reminder of the universal nature of these feelings. Whether it’s in our personal lives or professional careers, we all experience the delicate balance of excitement and anxiety. By acknowledging and articulating these emotions, we can better navigate the path to perfection, understanding that setbacks are a natural part of the journey.


SAAY - DOMINO press photo

“’DOMINO’ represents the complicated feelings that have accumulated over the span of my life and career: anyone who yearns for success can experience conflicting emotions in the form of anticipation and anxiety. Working step by step towards perfection increases the excitement, but the fact that a single mistake can make everything crumble also increases apprehension, just like a domino. I felt I needed to express these emotions, for us; for me.” – SAAY explained

Being fully in English, SAAY represents a unique position within the Korean Pop music scene as an artist who can cross between two languages and cultural markets. With a career stretching over a decade, SAAY is a multi-player who is deeply involved in the entire process from songwriting, and producing, to choreographing and directing performances.

SAAY debuted as the leader of the five-member girl group EvoL in 2012. After EvoL disbanded in 2015, SAAY began focusing on her solo career. She signed with Universal Music Korea, marking a significant transition from her idol group days to a more independent and artistically free solo career.


SAAY’s music blends R&B, hip-hop, and soul, often drawing comparisons to Western artists for her vocal style and musical approach. Her sound is characterized by its smooth, soulful melodies, intricate vocal arrangements, and personal lyrics. Since her solo debut in 2017, SAAY has released several albums, and singles, and collaborated with other artists such as Snoop Dog, and Crush.

Aside from her music, SAAY is also known as a composer, lyricist, and producer for other artists such as TWICE, Aespa, Baekhyun of EXO, THE BOYZ, and more. Beyond her musical endeavors, SAAY’s passion for fashion and beauty shines through collaborations with brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Puma, and Balenciaga.

SAAY – “DOMINO” Single

SAAY - DOMINO Single Artwork

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