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Listen to Ryan Langdon’s New Country Single, “Soul & My Sanity”

Ryan Langdon (@theryanlangdon) is a Niagara Falls, Ontario-based singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, he released an endearing Country single, “Soul & My Sanity” via Hidden Pony Records.

Ryan Langdon – “Soul & My Sanity” single

“It all started with a walk-by, you caught my eye. Never seen a star shine so damn bright, yeah. In the daylight, oh my, I could feel my heart start slipping away and I don’t know why ‘cause I was looking for you. No lies, now you’re the only thing on my mind. You’re good for my soul and my sanity.” – lyrics

“Soul & My Sanity” is where the beating heart of pop-rock merges with the acoustic warmth of Country soul music. Fans of Chase Matthew and Chad Brownlee will feel right at home in this passionate soundscape, where tender vocals, a catchy chorus, and a touch of synth create a romantic and optimistic anthem for love’s healing power. This track isn’t just a song, it’s the reflection of a heart finding its rhythm in the glow of newfound love. 

Ryan Langdon sings with passion, “As time goes by and as long as you’re here with me by my side, I’m never coming down from this high.” Far from make-believe, “Soul & My Sanity” flirts with real-life emotions and reflective thinking. “I can’t miss a second with you next to me, your love is the best kind of therapy.”

“If this is a dream, just let me sleep.”

Ryan Langdon press photo
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“‘Soul & My Sanity’ started as a thank you note. I had just finished spending a weekend at my sister-in-law’s condo on the water in Collingwood, Ontario, and I was sitting at the table writing a thank-you note to her. I said…this has been really great for my soul, AND my sanity!! As soon as I wrote that I thought…that could be a great song title. I tucked that away and when I arrived at the writing session with the co-writers Marty Martino and Jim Witter, Marty was already laying down a song starter track and I said…oooh, I’ve got a great line to go with this! The song was literally written in just a few hours.

Marty, Jim, and I had been talking about creating a cool mash-up of Country and hip-hop almost like a Morgan Wallen vibe, but also showed off my baritone voice. Jim had me thinking of all the ways my wife and baby on the way were good for my own “soul and sanity” by keeping me grounded during all the unknowns in this crazy life. Now, with my daughter here, the song resonates even more as I never could have imagined how much my life was going to change, but in the best kind of way.” – Ryan Langdon explained

Ryan Langdon’s ability to sing Country music is engrained in his DNA. In 2019, he was nominated for a CMAO Rising Star award, beginning with his 2020 EP, “Lit In The Sticks.” Since then, Ryan has delivered a series of Top 40 hits that have placed him in the top tier of emerging Canadian Country acts.

Ryan Langdon – “Soul & My Sanity” single

Ryan Langdon - Soul & My Sanity cover art

“It’s funny, I sang as a kid and loved all the genres, but I always had that Country sound. Even when I did other types of material, friends would say, ‘Man, I don’t know if you’re trying, but you sound like a Country singer.’ It was just my voice.” – Ryan Langdon stated

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