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RUNN releases a lovely lyric video for her “How To Be Happy” single

RUNN is a rising singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released a lovely lyric video for her “How To Be Happy” single.

RUNN – “How To Be Happy” lyric video

“Blink and I missed it, wish I could figure this out. Same kinda different days with my head in the clouds. Did I miss the part of growing up where they tell you all the secrets? ‘Cause I feel like I don’t feel enough. Could somebody tell me how to be happy? ‘Cause I don’t know how to be happy.” – lyrics

‘How To Be Happy’ tells a gloomy tale about a vulnerable young woman who has been doing everything in her power to become happy. Unfortunately, she has been unsuccessful in doing that, and she doesn’t understand why. Later in the day, she admits, “I’ve been stuck in a moment, it’s been months, and I can’t shake it off. Feels kinda hopeless.”

‘How To Be Happy’ contains a relatable narrative, sentimental lyrics, and ear-pleasing vocals. The emotional tune also possesses tastefully minimal instrumentation flavored with a warm contemporary pop vibration. Furthermore, “How To Be Happy” is the right tune that the world is looking for after two years of hardship. We all need to be reminded of the things that make us the happiest and that we are not alone in our feelings.


RUNN - “How To Be Happy” press photo

RUNN is here to make sure nobody has to face the darkness alone. Her extremely honest lyrics are a validation to all those who feel unsupported with their vulnerable feelings, as well as an inspiration to finding the light. RUNN’s ability to capture sincere visceral emotions and perform at the highest level has led her to be one of the most sought-after vocalists who have worked with top-tier talent like Illenium, Steve Aoki, Seven Lions, Dabin, Au5, and Kai Wachi.

Aside from dominating the dance music space, RUNN has her own burgeoning career in the pop world. Her dreamy creations are a gateway directly into her mind and memories, giving listeners a genuinely authentic look at her life. This unguarded organic approach to creativity has made her a magnet attracting millions of listeners worldwide. Also, RUNN has had the opportunity to perform for her fans at esteemed venues like Red Rocks, The Shrine, The Roxy, and Academy LA.

“How To Be Happy” single

RUNN - “How To Be Happy” song cover art

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