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Listen to Rosa Linn & Denny’s New “Universe (Mil Jaana Tu)” Single

Rosa Linn (@rosalinnmusic), a talented singer-songwriter and producer from Vanadzor, Armenia, has been making waves in the music world. On the other side of the globe, Denny (@listen2denny), a Mumbai-based songwriter, music director, artist, and DJ from Australia, is also leaving his mark. Not too long ago, they released a wonderful Indian Pop single, “Universe (Mil Jaana Tu),” via Robach Music Group.

Rosa Linn & Denny – “Universe (Mil Jaana Tu)” single

“Universe (Mil Jaana Tu)” is a radiant fusion of electronic elements and acoustic charm. Rosa Linn’s folksy vocals serve as a guiding star, navigating listeners through a galaxy of profound emotions. Rosa sings passionately, “Heavy wings can’t fly me, I get a little high then I fall apart,” reflecting a poignant struggle intertwined with hope. “Your light can’t guide me, I’m living in the dark.”

The allure of “Universe (Mil Jaana Tu)” extends beyond its lyrics. The musical composition perfectly complements the emotional weight of the words. It’s a song that invites listeners to lose themselves in its melody, allowing the music to stir their souls. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Rosa Linn and Denny or new to their work, this track is bound to leave a lasting impression.

Relax as “Universe (Mil Jaana Tu)” takes you on a musical journey through a realm where love knows no bounds. Listen to it and be transported into Rosa Linn and Denny’s “Universe (Mil Jaana Tu) EP.”

Rosa Linn  & Denny – “Universe (Mil Jaana Tu)” EP

Rosa Linn & Denny - “Universe (Mil Jaana Tu)” EP cover art

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