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Robin Yerah releases a sexy neo-soul tune, entitled, “Yume XP”

Robin Yerah is a multi-talented singer-songwriter/producer based in the Netherlands. Not too long ago, he released a sexy neo-soul tune, entitled, “Yume XP”. Also, the song is a single from Yerah’s  EP, entitled, “Emulation”.

Robin Yerah – “Yume XP” single

“I wrote this song after I had a few crazy dreams that appeared to take place in the same world. During these experiences, I felt a strange combination of curiosity and escapism. It’s as if I were a self-conscious character in a video game that wants to explore the world on their own terms.” – Robin Yerah

‘Yume XP’ contains a relatable storyline and sweet soul vocals. Also, it possesses electric instrumentation flavored with driving Dilla-like drums.

Robin Yerah

Robin Yerah press photo

Robin Yerah is of Moluccan-Indonesian descent. He  grew up in a musical household, where he was influenced by R&B, soul, Pop, and other genres of music. Not too long ago, he released his “Baby Birds” beat tape, which gained him international notoriety as a producer. Check out his “Emulation” EP via Spotify.

Robin Yerah – “Emulation” EP

“‘Emulation’ takes the concept of dreams and soaks it in a sea of colorful electronic R&B/soul, changing tides as the EP progresses.”

‘Emulation’ features collaborations with acclaimed vocalist Maydien, musical genius Jengi, and producer Wantigga.

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