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Robin Tricker releases an inspiring reggae tune, entitled, “Need More Bob”

Robin Tricker is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from New Jersey. Not too long ago, she released an inspiring reggae tune, entitled, “Need More Bob.”

Robin Tricker – “Need More Bob” single

“The thing about music is that when it hits, you feel no pain, trouble can’t find you. Love one another that’s what Bob said to do. You’re always in a hurry and you can’t slow down. Trying to scratch all the things off your to-do list now. Breathe in, Breathe out, let your light shine through. Tell you what you need, need More Bob.” – lyrics

‘Need More Bob’ finds Robin Tricker encouraging listeners to live in the moment, cut down the time we spent staring at our phones, and stop acting like robots or looking like clones. Apparently, too many of us are worried about our bills, feeling anxious, and taking prescription pills prescribed by our doctors. Therefore, Robin has one piece of advice for us, “If you grew it you would smoke it and we’d be jamming with you.” Later, she adds, “Keep your eyes on the rising sun, roots on the ground. But if the wanderlust hits you, follow it ‘round. Love hard, love deep, let your light shine through.”

‘Need More Bob’ contains a feel-good narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. The cheerfully positive tune possesses rhythmic ukulele-laden instrumentation bursting with contemporary reggae flavors and tropical-rock elements. Furthermore, “Need More Bob” is featured on Robin Tricker’s album, entitled, “Salt Water Happy.” The 12-track project, produced at Sonic Boom Studios by Anthony Krizan, contains three #1 TropRock 40 songs.

“Love one another that’s what Bob said to do.”

Robin Tricker - “Need More Bob” cover art

“‘Need More Bob’ came about when I was talking to my co-writer about Bob Marley and the way his music makes us feel. I said yea we ‘Need More Bob,’ and at that moment the song was born. It was produced by the musical wizard, Anthony Krizan, formerly of The Spin Doctors.” – Robin Tricker explained

Robin Tricker is a passionate songwriter, ukulele lover, and musical chameleon. More than just your typical hip, East Coast girl. Robin is a multi-layered songwriter intent on driving a catchy hook into your head. Don’t let the curly hair and ukulele fool you, this Jersey girl can sing. If Rock, Country, and Pop had a curly-haired baby, it would be Robin Tricker. Her more personal songs pack a strong punch, and as one of her songs says, she is “one part sugar and one part cayenne!” If Robin was a musical drink, she would be somewhere between a Pina Colada and a shot of Jack.

“No matter how high, or low you are, everything gonna be alright.”

Robin Tricker press photo

Robin finds song ideas within her ordinary life and sends them off into the world to be listened to. Once a professional dancer, Robin has been featured in national TV commercials, and was a featured dancer on a late-night TV dance show presented by Sofia Vergara. Now a thriving singer-songwriter, Robin’s passion for the ukulele on which she writes and performs most of her songs is clear for all to see.

Not too long ago, Robin was nominated (for the second time) for the Best Female Vocalist of the Year award at the annual TRMA’s. Also, she’s on the Ones to Watch list for the Nashville Songwriters Association International.

​“Wanna give you a melody, one that you can take with you on your trip around the sun.”

Robin Tricker - “Salt Water Happy” album cover art

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