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Discover Rio Rainz’s “Cobwebs in My Room” EP: Messy Thoughts of Love and Coming of Age

Rio Rainz (@riorainz) is a rising singer-rapper from East London, England. Not too long ago, he released a brand new 6-track EP, “cobwebs in my room,” produced by Dom Valentino and Kurisu via Insanity Records. The project will resonate well with fans of Jim Legxacy, Finn Foxell, Jeshi, and p-rallel.

Rio Rainz – “cobwebs in my room” EP


“It feels really strange that this chapter of my life is closing. In this project, I’ve documented my real-life experiences and now it’s to share with you all. I hope you all love it.” – Rio Rainz stated

‘cobwebs in my room’ is a moody and temperamental project containing a string of stand-out releases, including “favourite girl,” “nirvana,” “dancing in the dark,” and Rio’s Finn Foxell collaboration “sunshine.” Rio previously shared his “messy thoughts” of love and coming of age. On new singles, “the kid” and “brand new whip,” he highlights inner city life and his struggles with darker times.

Rio created most of the project in his bedroom, but he also retreated to the countryside and would write his bars and lyrics while hanging out in a tree. Rio has served up Drum&Bass club tracks, free-flowing Rap, Jersey Drill, and piano ballads, all while gliding between rapping and singing. Still only 19 years old, Rio is growing and evolving with his fans in real-time and isn’t afraid to reinvent himself time and time again. “cobwebs in my room” flips between his extroverted and introverted self over six eclectic songs, which perfectly reflect the place he is in currently.

Rio Rainz – “cobwebs in my room” EP

Rio Rainz was born to Irish and Jamaican parents who raised him on an eclectic mix of Reggae, Rap, Rock, Pop, and occasionally Country. When his parents separated, Rio began splitting his time between London and the countryside, two contrasting worlds he first disliked but later described the latter as providing a much-needed space from all the chaos. Rio started to hone his craft as young as six, playing keys for the church choir and attending performing arts school, where his love for all things creative flourished. From a young age, Rio has found comfort in his introspective lyrics. He has openly shared his highs and adolescent battles, hoping his vulnerability might support others. Rio was motivated to break the stereotypes pushed on him with his sound reflecting a genre-fluid mix of all his inspirations under one multi-layered roof.

Rio Rainz


Rio burst onto the scene at 15 with his powerful Black Box freestyle. The song caught fire online and ignited a fuse, confirming Rio’s rapping abilities to the masses. The hype was backed up by his debut EP, “Withdrawal Symptoms,” released last year, and now his follow-up EP, “cobwebs in my room,” which truly cements his position in the thriving DIY-Alt-Rap/R&B scene. Rio’s been on a roll this year with his fanbase quadrupling after gaining co-signs from notable media outlets. After flying up the UK Viral Chart on Spotify, Rio was made the cover of the flagship alternative playlist, Our Generation, twice. Now, he is an artist to watch out for in 2024.

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