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RIIVA releases an appealing electro-pop tune, entitled, “Madonna”

RIIVA is an up-and-coming German-American singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released an appealing electro-pop tune, entitled, “Madonna.”

RIIVA – “Madonna” single

“I wrote ‘Madonna’ after I met someone who literally thought I was the love of his life. Just ‘cause I was a little different than the people he usually hangs out with. He projected everything he longs for in a woman onto me as if I could make all his problems go away or fulfill his desires. First of all, I didn’t send any signals, and second of all, I’m far from that perfect person he thought I would be. Still, it was kinda cute ‘cause he was a nice and decent guy. He just seemed so innocent and naive but he definitely couldn’t read me or the room.” – RIIVA explained

‘Madonna’ contains a four on the floor beat and a rough and bouncy bass-line underneath it. The song tells RIIVA’s story about projecting unfulfilled wishes onto someone you don’t know. Her sensual and confident vocals maintain her remarkable mystical R’n’B/Pop sound, although the house-driven beat may suggest otherwise.

‘Madonna’ is the title track of RIIVA’s debut mini EP, the first part of her three-part EP saga. The short project also features the songs, “HTML” and “Pity Party.” Furthermore, “Madonna” EP is the first step on RIIVA’s way to her true inner self. Getting more intimate with each EP, she goes from superficial desires to an existential crisis to thoughts and feelings buried deep underneath the surface.

“I’m the girl you claim you know better than yourself, are you sure?”

RIIVA press photo

RIIVA started singing, jumping on her sisters’ trampoline to Britney’s, JLo’s, or Destiny’s Child’s hits. Over the years, her unique singing voice was then influenced by Soul or R’n’B artists like Aretha Franklin and India.Arie. When she turned 18, RIIVA got a degree as a singing teacher, became a member of the German funk group, #zweiraumsilke, played her own support shows for DYLYN and Konni Kass, as well as two shows in Chicago.

“I’m not too good to be true.”

RIIVA press photo

RIIVA is greedy for emotions. So she lets you be a part of the sensual self-healing she’s been through, sharing fears, wishes, experiences, past and present in an often cruel and honest way. Her songs are a simple expression of her life, herself. So if you have questions about her mysteriousness, you can find the answers in her music. In a nutshell, RIIVA is thoughtful, sometimes introvertedly melancholic but strong and provocative at the same time. The good girl turned out to be bad and the bad turned out to be good.

“Madonna” EP

RIIVA - “Madonna” song cover art

It’s all about different facets of sexuality, especially female sexuality. Needs, dreams, sexual self-confidence, and wishes or unfulfilled desires. But especially the perception of female sexuality in society. Maybe Freud would say, she mostly talks about satisfying basic urges, based on the pleasure principle. But if you think it’s that simple, then RIIVA’s gonna prove you wrong.

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