Rén with the Mane
Photo by Lauren Desberg

Rén with the Mane releases a beautiful single, entitled, “Changes”

Rén with the Mane (Renée Orshan) is a groovy indie-pop singer from Brooklyn, New York. Not too long ago, she released a beautiful single, entitled, “Changes”.

Rén with the Mane – “Changes”

“I was riding the subway and some lady with just a couple of teeth smiled at me. She said, ‘Time waits for no one.’ It was such a profound thing to say to a stranger. I felt like she was sent to me for inspiration. So yea, I threw that line in there. A lot of my songs have a similar theme about letting go of things, people, jobs, and relationships that aren’t serving you and ‘Changes’ is just that.” – Rén

“Changes” is a beautiful tune that’s fresh with relatable lyrics and a thoughtful evaluation of life. Also, it’s saturated with carefree instrumentation, dreamy vocals, and soothing melodies.

Rén with the Mane

Rén with the Mane

“Life is an experience that we all get to ride. Through my music, I’m encouraging us to do more, take chances, have more fun, and be better human beings.”

Rén with the Mane makes music for the soul. Also, she’s inspired by the evolving world around her, and usually create songs based on her environment.

“There are so many ways to get musical inspiration. For me, a lot of the time, I write a song based on my friends or something a complete stranger says to me. Be careful what you say, I could write a song about you next.”

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