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Reece releases a live performance video for his “Life” single

Reece is a rising singer-songwriter from Virginia. Not too long ago, he released a live performance video for his “Life” single, filmed at Fonogenic Studios in Los Angeles, California. The Matt Robertson-directed video finds Reece performing next to guitarist/producer Heavy Mellow.

Reece – “Life”

“I was scared of losing it all. The fire that inhabits my veins was dead and gone with all of my wounds and my scars. The demons from my past that are holding on don’t know how to let go. I beg them to let go so I can stay strong for one more night while I hold on to my life.” – lyrics

‘Life’ tells a touching tale of a young man who’s experiencing the thorny, far-from-rosy side of life. While holding on to his life, he attempts to drink away his pain, but later concludes that drinking is worsening his shadowy condition.

The underlining narrative reveals that the man isn’t alone in his sunken place. His past demons are all there, tormenting him, and driving him to the brink of insanity. Therefore, he doesn’t know if he will make it out alive.   

‘Life’ contains a relatable storyline, lovely falsetto vocals, and guitar-driven instrumentation fashioned with evergreen sentiments and sonic springiness.

Reece + Heavy Mellow

Reece + Heavy Mellow BTS photo

“My music is who I am on the inside. It’s like you’re looking at me from inside of my head. Everything on my mind is in there. It’s hard to open up to people in real life. I use music as an outlet to show who I truly am to the entire world. It’s not about the cover art or what I look like. Focus on the songs.” – Reece

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