Rebecca Black - “Sick To My Stomach” press photo
Photo by Sarah Pardini

Rebecca Black releases a sensational music video for her “Sick To My Stomach” single

Rebecca Black is a singer-songwriter and viral pop star from Irvine, California. Not too long ago, she released a sensational music video for her “Sick To My Stomach” single.

Rebecca Black – “Sick To My Stomach” music video

“I told you to move on and girl that’s what you did. But I’m out doing the same thing, so, I can’t say anything. I don’t even miss you, I promise I mean that. Don’t want you for myself, don’t wanna see you with somebody else. Never thought we’d get back together, wanted to see you sad forever. I hate her and I don’t even know her, I don’t even know her name.” – lyrics

‘Sick To My Stomach’ tells an emotional tale about an unhappy young woman who recently broke up with her significant other. Apparently, she’s experiencing severe heartache and feels sick to her stomach because her former partner has found someone new to love. Later, the young woman admits, “Now, I’m drunk, I can’t stop myself from crying. My head just forgets all of the fightings, and f*** it sucks to see that you’re trying, trying again before I did.”

“I’m sick to my stomach.”

Rebecca Black - “Sick To My Stomach” press photo
Photo by Sarah Pardini

“I wrote ‘Sick To My Stomach’ days after running into my ex for the first time in months and finding out she was seeing someone new. The punch in the gut that comes with the revelation that you’re no longer the center of someone’s universe is forever one of the most painful blows, so this song is as petty as it is devastating.” – Rebecca Black explained

‘Sick To My Stomach’ finds Rebecca Black singing about the complexity of moving on. The heartfelt track highlights the familiar tinge of sickening jealousy when seeing an ex with someone new, even when you’re the one to encourage the action. Furthermore, “Sick To My Stomach” is featured on Rebecca Black’s upcoming debut album, entitled, “Let Her Burn,” available on February 9, 2023.

Rebecca Black – “Look At You” music video

“The music video for ‘Look At You’ picks off literally right where we left off with the video for ‘Crumbs.’ A pretty poignant theme of my upcoming album is my perception of self and how performance holds multiple pieces of my life. So, Luke Orlando (director) and I wanted to try to open up a new layer of the world we set for ‘Crumbs’ into a place you might not expect it to. The music video set literally comes to life on its own, and becomes a performance within itself about the closeness we hold with ourselves and those around us.” – Rebecca Black explained

Earlier offerings from Black’s “Let Her Burn” album include the singles “Crumbs” and “Look At You,” which showcase Black’s versatility as an artist and of the project. “Crumbs” is a hypnotic, electro-pop track, which stole the attention of fans and tastemakers alike. “Look At You” highlights a more intimate, vulnerable side.

Rebecca Black – “Sick To My Stomach” single

Rebecca Black - “Sick To My Stomach” front cover
Photo by Sarah Pardini

“You’re doin’ the same dance, but with somebody new. You said, ‘I’ll never move on,’ but it didn’t take you that long. And nobody told me, I wish that they would have. So, I didn’t have to feel like I was the last to know. I feel so stupid I told you to do this. My own delusion made more sense inside my head, put myself through it. Now it’s me who’s foolish, I can’t sleep ‘cause I’m the one who made this bed. And now I’m sick, sick, sick, sick, sick to my stomach.” – lyrics

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