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PWR CPL releases a melodic R&B tune, entitled, “Vital Signs”

PWR CPL (pronounced Power Couple) is a husband and wife duo from Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, they released their second single, entitled, “Vital Signs”.

PWR CPL – “Vital Signs”

“Every pulse I beat belongs to you and when I bleed it’s all for you. I’ll fight for you until I die. Give up my vital signs, yes, I would die for you. But first, I would live for you. Prince and Lauryn Hill for you, take bricks and I’d build for you. A queendom, when you need one I’ll be a king for you. When you’re sleeping, I’ll be the dream for you. QB, I’m the team for you (Be the whole f**kin team for you). Don’t see how I feel for you, one knee and ring for you.” – lyrics

‘Vital Signs’ tells a devotional tale of a humble man who expresses the importance of his significant other. 

When they are together, his vital signs (body temperature, heart rate, pulse, respiratory rate, and blood pressure) flow in a positive and healthy way.

‘Vital Signs’ contains a relatable storyline, soaring vocals, and a climactic ending. Also, the melodic tune is a follow up to the duo’s debut single, entitled, “Alone in the Same Room”.

PWR CPL – “Vital Signs”

PWR CPL – “Vital Signs” artwork

PWR CPL (Summer & Jon) in many ways are total opposites, but musically they gel magically. They formed in 2017 and their sound consists of alternative, R&B, jazz, and low-fi hip-hop music.

Also, they are multi-instrumentalists/producers who have toured internationally and written for Grammy-nominated artists.

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