The Possibilities of Becoming a Music Streamer

Far from the niche interest it started as not so long ago, modern streaming has become a career and hobby that pulls in millions of people from around the world. From what began as gaming, modern streamers cover a broad range of interests and disciplines, from just hanging out to painting, throwing down with poker, and yes, playing music. Whether looking at music streaming from a personal or professional standpoint, many possibilities are available for the right people to explore. So, what do you need to know, what’s out there, and how can you get started?

Twitch as a Home

When it comes to streaming movies and TV shows, there’s a lot out there to choose from. When streaming yourself to the online environment, Twitch should be your starting point. Twitch is by far the biggest personal streaming service on the net, averaging over 2.4 million active users at any one time. Music is one of the most popular of these, with 16.8 thousand active viewers at the time of this article. While its reign might not last forever, for now, Twitch for individual music streaming is king.

Possibilities of a Music Streamer

Microphone - Home Studio
Photo by Rick Harris via flickr

The most obvious use of streaming as a musician is just to sit and play, but that’s only the beginning of what streaming makes possible. Remember, success is based on fun, not on numbers, and there are many ways to enjoy yourself as a music streamer.

This could start with something as simple as learning guitar chords online while getting advice from other musicians. If you already play other instruments, or if you’re a total beginner, there’s space enough for everyone. More advanced musicians could then stream their songwriting efforts, to receive, absorb, or ignore feedback as they see fit.

Some streamers might not want to focus entirely on creating music but might prefer a broader approach to discussing musical theory and themes. This could be achieved by checking out the games you love, from major video games to some of the top slot games now popular in online casinos. In this latter example, you could explore how the musicians involved manage the different themes between games like Epic Ape, Starburst, and Great Blue. The kind of back-and-forth this can create with an audience can be equally informative and hilarious, depending on the environment you wish to foster.

Getting Involved

You don’t need top-of-the-line equipment to get started in streaming, but the cheapest of the cheap gear can also drive viewers away. Instead, we’d recommend users following specifically made for beginning live streamers. Remember that, as a music streamer, audio quality will be more important than video quality, and it’s okay to start smaller and work your way up.

Aside from the gear, streamers should consider the persona they’ll adopt when streaming. Like being on stage, streaming requires performers to be ‘on.’ Exaggerate your best qualities, only stream when you’re in the right mood, and remember that burnout is a possibility if you take things too far.

Streaming offers many options, and it’s easier to get started than ever before. That said, it also comes with a teething period, especially if you’re moving from acoustic to something more electronic. Be patient, be willing to learn from your mistakes, and you could find a new hobby or even career that you love.

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