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Pook Hustle releases a melodic rap tune, entitled, “Mediocre”

Pook Hustle is an up-and-coming rapper from Brooklyn, New York. Not too long ago, he released a melodic rap tune, entitled, “Mediocre”, co-produced by Wonderlust and WhatsHisName.

Pook Hustle – “Mediocre” single


‘Mediocre’ serves as an anthem for anyone who hustles and puts in work. Also, for those who are surrounded by a bunch of fakes, good actors, and phonies who talk a big game.

The likable tune finds Pook Hustle cutting the phonies down to size with clever punchlines and wordplay.

“No love for the oink-oinks, I don’t mind if they get hog-tied or deep-fried. For all the flagrant, foul crimes they commit against my people.” He raps with conviction.

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Hustle, the self-proclaimed nice guy with a dark side, turned to music after graduating college and hanging up his basketball jersey.

Since then, he and producer WhatsHisName have been working diligently to perfect their sound.

Their persistence manifested as the “Blue Tape EP”. The project explored Pook Hustle’s experiences with colorism, racism, and hyper-masculinity

Pook Hustle - “Mediocre” cover

‘Mediocre’ contains a relatable storyline and conversational rap vocals. Also, the song possesses melodic instrumentation scented with a warm hip-hop aroma.  

Not too long from now, Pook Hustle will be releasing his upcoming EP, entitled, “Yellow Tape”.

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