Pomme - Ete - press photo
Photo by © Lawrence FAFARD

Experience the Modern Opera of Pomme’s New Album, “Saisons”

Pomme (@pommeofficial Claire Pommet) is a unique singer-songwriter from France. Not too long ago, she unveiled the entirety of her fourth album, “Saisons.”

Pomme – “Saisons, le film: hiver”

Conceived as a modern opera, the project is available in two parts: “autumn/winter” released last December, and “spring-summer” which is revealed to complete the cycle of “Saisons.”

Pomme – “saisons, le film: printemps”

Pomme revealed the “Saisons, le film: hiver” and “Saisons, le film: printemps” short films and the full Saisons short film will be released next month.

Pomme “_dec carte de noel” (lyric video)

“_dec carte de noël” was co-written with Aaron Dessner (The National, Taylor Swift, Justin Vernon, etc).

June stands for the first of three summer tracks that Pomme has chosen to call “perseides,” the famous shower of shooting stars that floods the summer sky.

Pomme – “Saisons” album

Pomme - Saisons - album art

Consisting of 12 titles, three per season, each echoing a month of the year, the album is an ambitious and orchestral project that aims to surprise, and once again demonstrates the musician’s unique artistic vision.

Imagined as a journey beginning with spring, “Saisons” is an album that can be listened to in one go and invites you to lie down on a thick carpet and imagine our dream cartoon. This musical continuity is put into images with a 36-minute film, co-directed by Pomme, Hugo Pillard, and Nina Richard, to be revealed in its entirety next month.

“Saisons” follows on the heels of “A peu près,” which made Pomme a household name. “Les Failles” is certified platinum in France, and consolation gold certified in France, a particularly personal project written during the pandemic between France and Canada.


Pomme - Hiver - press photo
Photo by © Lawrence FAFARD

The change of trajectory in Pomme’s discography resonates with her desire to create a collective gesture within her new pieces, to relinquish total control of the project, and to collaborate with other artists on composition and production.


Pomme - Printemps press photo

The singer-composer thus invites Aaron Dessner (The National) for the winter movement and continues her collaboration with Flavien Berger for the autumn part. In the second half of the opus, “spring-summer,” Pomme is accompanied by an orchestration conducted by MALVINA.


Pomme - Automne - press photo
Photo by © Lawrence FAFARD

Pomme has won the hearts of an eclectic public, notably through exceptional concert productions, for which she was nominated at the Victoires de la Musique 2024 (the French GRAMMYs) in the Concert of the Year category.

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