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Phlow releases a music video for her 4-track EP, entitled, “Asuai, Vol. 2”

Phlow is a rising hip-hop artist based in Lagos, Nigerian. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her 4-track EP, entitled, “Asuai, Vol. 2”.

Phlow – “Asuai, Vol. 2” EP

The XYZ-directed video finds Phlow inside a classroom taking on the roles of the four personalities featured on her “Asuai, Vol. 2” EP. The video is broken down into a four-act show, where Phlow is depicted as 4 different individuals.

Gradually, she grows and learns after each scene, and matures into her higher self by the end of the video. The characters portrayed during the video include naive Stephanie, cynical Asuai, the devil may care Phlow, and the matured Ms. Eyime (her teacher incarnate).

‘Asuai, Vol. 2’ EP contains relatable storylines, narrative raps, and raw hip-hop instrumentations produced by Mr. MaD.

Phlow – “Asuai, Vol. 2” EP

Phlow + Asuai Vol. 2 artwork

Phlow started writing rhymes as an outlet of expression. Shortly afterward, she started recording demos in the privacy of her bedroom closet because she didn’t want her parents to know about her new hip-hop hobby.

After obtaining her degree in computer science, she moved back to Lagos. While attending a show, she was introduced to Str8buttah via a mutual friend. Immediately, a chemistry was formed between the two creatives, which led to the recording of Phlow’s debut EP. Since then, she has recorded three EPs and now plans on solidifying her spot in hip-hop music. 

We recommend adding Phlow’s “Asuai, Vol. 2” EP to your personal playlist.

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