Peyton Shay releases a gritty breakup tune, entitled, “Pretty Boi Homicide”

Peyton Shay is an 18-year-old Billboard-charting artist from Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released a gritty breakup tune, entitled, “Pretty Boi Homicide.”

Peyton Shay – “Pretty Boi Homicide” single

“Haven’t you heard that a new girlfriend ain’t the best way to get to me? How does it feel to be pressed and sealed like a bad piece of history? Short skirts, jealousy hurts, but I wouldn’t know about it. For sure keeping that score, you can tell her all about it. Hey, did you really think you were the one? I can make the boys cry, pretty boi homicide, leave ‘em with their little white lies. Go and let your tears dry, I’m not into sad guys, thinking they can read my mind.” – lyrics

‘Pretty Boi Homicide’ is about getting over a breakup when you’ve reached the end of a sour relationship. The sentimental tune also sends a powerful message to anyone who has wronged you in the past. Furthermore, “Pretty Boi Homicide” possesses edgy guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with alternative, contemporary pop, and punk-rock elements. Plus, the song is the title track of Peyton Shay’s debut EP.

“Pretty boi homicide, gotta get you outta my life.”

Peyton Shay - “Pretty Boi Homicide” press photo

‘Pretty Boi Homicide’ sends a powerful message to anyone who has wronged you in the past. I wanted to create an anthemic song to help others in the same position as myself get over a breakup that had reached its sour end. Its scream-worthy, angsty lyrics embody the good and the bad of teenage heartbreak. After all, I truly believe the best revenge is living well.” – Peyton Shay explained

Peyton Shay’s music is inspired by 2000’s era pop-nostalgia and modern rock. Her confident and unique records reflect the journey of young adulthood. As life comes with uncontrollable hardships, Shay has always used music and songwriting as a way to release tension and express herself. Living life writing songs and making her own lane is where you’ll find this up-and-coming artist.

Peyton Shay – “Pretty Boi Homicide” EP

Peyton Shay - “Pretty Boi Homicide” song cover art

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