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Peter $un releases a music video for his “Metamorphosis (Butterfly)” single

Peter $un is an LA-based rapper, vocalist, producer, and mental health advocate from Richmond, Virginia. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Metamorphosis (Butterfly)” single via Red Bull Records/Mind Of A Genius.

Peter $un – “Metamorphosis (Butterfly)” video

“This was inspired by an energy of renewal. This was one of the first songs I wrote after my brother’s passing that I spoke on it at all. It was like a release of pent-up emotions and just throwing it all out. The message is growth. Learning how to deal with growing pains and becoming the person I see myself as and leaving the old me behind.” – Peter $un explained

‘Metamorphosis (Butterfly)’ is an intentional and aspirational piece about embracing change and manifesting evolution. The reflective tune possesses thudding drum-laden instrumentation flavored with a soulful hip-hop vibration. Furthermore, “Metamorphosis (Butterfly)” is featured on Peter $un’s brand new EP, entitled, “Phone Calls Gimme Anxiety.” Creating the project was a therapeutic and transformative endeavor for Peter $un. He channeled everything from his experiences and emotions navigating his career to the loss of his brother to drug addiction into the music.

Peter $un – “Phone Calls Gimme Anxiety” EP

Peter $un - “Phone Calls Gimme Anxiety” EP song cover art

“This is my most vulnerable. I feel like it’s my growing process from ‘Scumbaby.’ It’s a cocoon phase before the album where the transformation happens. This project was a venting moment for me and a closing chapter on my past.” – Peter $un explained

Throughout the six-track project, Peter $un expresses themes of personal growth, self-awareness, escapism, and retribution before ending with “U Smell Like Da Color Yellow,” — an eloquent nod to the neo-soul movement and his mother, who first introduced him to the power of music as therapy. ‘Phone Calls Gimme Anxiety’ sets the tone for Peter $un’s next chapter.

Peter $un grew up listening to jazz at night with his father and waking up to his mother’s favorites – D’Angelo and Lauryn Hill. Affectionately known as “Sunny,” Peter $un commits all his emotions, thoughts, and truths to tape. Never one to hold back, Peter confronts his trauma, discloses his ambitions, and embraces his potential over a soundtrack of future-facing hip-hop with jazz-style instrumentation filled with undeniable soul.

Peter gained traction with the 2016 mixtape, “Paradise Is A Day Away.” Joined by producer and longtime collaborator, Blue Rondo, he unveiled “Don’t Forget To Smile” in 2018. The project boasted “Love Drunk Lust (Make It Hard)” [feat. Trip Carter & KnottRudy], raking in 3.9 million Spotify streams and counting. In 2021, he unveiled “Scumbaby,” including fan favorites, “Work” and “Sometimes.”

“Phone Calls Gimme Anxiety” EP

Peter $un - “Metamorphosis (Butterfly)” back cover art

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