Oxxxymiron versus Dizaster went down at KOTD’s #WDVII event. The highly entertaining battle lived up to the hype and much more. Fans and critics were wondering if Oxxxy could do Dizaster worse than the Russian Mafia did Denzel Washington in Training Day, or would Diz avenge Denzel’s untimely death?

Oxxxymiron versus Dizaster

Oxxxy is from St. Petersburg, Russia, and Dizaster is from Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, they went toe-to-toe in a lyrical no holds bar slug fest.

Dizaster – 1st round

Oxxxymiron versus Dizaster

“I’ma walking Phenom, I told this Bosnian slash Slavic pion we can rock with beats on. Or go acapella since nobody here wants to hear your weak songs. See in Russia, the hip-hop seems strong. But that’s because your fan base consists of underage pussies rocking their fist to house music, rocking their Mamas’ jeans on. That’s why Oxxxymiron’s concerts look like little awkward teen proms. Listen, this ain’t a block for us to beef on. I’m trying to find a clean enough concrete street for me to stomp his teeth on. You can’t box with me Oxxxy, dream on. I don’t know what type of hard narcotics you be on but I’m not the one for oxy to sleep on.”

Oxxxymiron – 2nd round

Oxxxymiron versus Dizaster

“I saw your interview with Battle Rap Chris. For 20 minutes you complained like an arrogant b*tch. Saying SMACK rappers are sh*t, they’re just ignorant kids. And you’re a god, I bet you blow your own reflection to kiss. You f*cking weirdo, and go, ‘Baby, you handsome’. You no blowing up you blowing yourself you Marilyn Manson. And his battle versus Dumbfounded…kinda random. The ring around his eyes, the dress, he was the Kung Fu Panda. Bro you a clown for the Benjamins, those fake papers. Russians have been peasants for centuries that’s why we have the most haymakers.”

Diz’s Russian impersonation in the second round landed quite well.

Oxxxymiron versus Dizaster

“Since people love the Russian accent, I should try to talk like you then. Luke, I know you think this battle good look for you. Yet, not where you been. Maybe, cause foreigner you think in your little head this the reason you should win but to tell you truth, this not good position to be put in (Putin).”

In conclusion, we got Diz winning round 1 and Oxxxy winning rounds 2 & 3 in a classic match. We gave the battle to Oxxxy because he had better-controlled substance (no pun intended) and landed more memorable haymakers.

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