Outrageous Karina press photo

Outrageous Karina releases a music video for her “Anxiety” single

Outrageous Karina (Karina Flonnoy) is an up-and-coming rap artist based in San Jose, California. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her “Anxiety” single.

Outrageous Karina – “Anxiety” music video

‘Anxiety’ finds Outrageous Karina discussing being in a toxic relationship with her significant other.

Apparently, their challenging association is tampering with her mental wellbeing. So much so that she blames herself for everything that goes wrong. Also, it has her mind playing tricks on her (e.g., her partner being out with other women). 

Later, she becomes aware of the problem that she is experiencing, and eventually talks herself out of a bad situation.

Outrageous Karina

Outrageous Karina press photo

With an Associate’s of Arts degree in Music Industry Studies and an Avid Pro Tools certificate, Outrageous Karina takes pride in recording and mixing her own songs.

She started writing songs at the age of nine. At 17, she released her first YouTube video for her “I Go” song, which accumulated over 56,000 views.

Since then, she has opened up for French Montana, Mistah F.A.B., Los Rakas, Iamsu, and more.

Also, she has performed at StreetLow Carshows, Bay-Area Tattoo Expos, and the 24th Core Dj Retreat in Atlanta.

‘Anxiety’ is featured on her “Good at This” EP.  

The likable tune contains a relatable storyline and conversational rap vocals. Also, the song possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with hip-hop, contemporary rap, and trap elements.  

“Good at This” EP

Outrageous Karina - “Good At This” cover

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