Ottavia portable piano studio photo

Ottavia kickstarts a crowdfunding campaign for the first real portable piano

Ottavia is a removable musical instrument, a portable piano. Not too long ago, a crowdfunding campaign was launched on its behalf via Kickstarter. 

Ottavia – the perfect portable piano for you

Ottavia is the brainchild of Silvio Scena (engineer, musician), Catello Esposito (computer, electronics expert) and Alessio Riccioni (Linux system engineer).

Each portable piano consists of 1 octave and 12 dynamic keys. Also, each module can be used in stand-alone mode or together with other parts to create a complete keyboard.

Because of its size, it favors transportability. Also, it’s the perfect piano for you.

Ottavia portable piano blue

Ottavia portable piano blue

“How many times at the end of the evening we cursed the singer who finished playing puts the microphone in his purse and returns home quiet? Also, if I am born again, I’ll play the flute. How many times have we said it? Here you need an idea to change music, you need my Ottavia.”

Ottavia can then be used for studio work and live performances. Also, the portable piano is equipped with USB output, MIDI connectors, and a USB input.

Ottavia portable piano red

Ottavia portable piano red
The basic module will cost € 49

Visit Ottavia’s Kickstarter page

Ottavia is not a toy, it’s not a roll-up top, it’s a real musical instrument. Also, the quality of the mechanics will always have priority over new features.

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