Osei The Seventh

Osei The Seventh releases a catchy dance tune, entitled, “Too Good”

Osei The Seventh is an up-and-coming pop singer from Trinidad and Tobago. Not too long ago, he released a catchy dance tune, entitled, “Too Good”.

Osei The Seventh – “Too Good”

“You been crying every night until I turn on the lights. You’ll still safe you, from nightmares it scares you. But I’m down and I’m low and I need somewhere to go. You never seem to be home. You left here all alone. And yeah I know you have a goal. You’re pretty and yeah I know. What you been thinking when I call you I know. You think you’re too good for me.” – lyrics

“Too Good” contains a relatable storyline, charming vocals, and an electro-dance instrumentation embedded with an urban pop appeal.

The song tells a more bitter-than-sweet tale of a shy young man who’s into a young lady with an uppity attitude. She’s popular, pretty, and into herself. Apparently, she doesn’t see him as a romantic interest, only a part-time friend.

He’s there when she needs him, but when the tables turn, she’s nowhere to be found when he needs her. She takes him for granted and he knows it. As time goes on, it starts to bother him severely.

Osei The Seventh

Osei The Seventh

“I see myself as a voice for introverts and social outcast. My music serves as medicine for the emotional.” – Osei The Seventh

We recommend adding Osei The Seventh’s “Too Good” single to your personal playlist.

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