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Ollie releases an appealing music video for his “Selfish” single

Ollie is a contemporary rap artist from a small town just south of Toronto, Canada. Not too long ago, he released an appealing music video for his “Selfish” single.

Ollie – “Selfish” music video

“Please don’t hit my phone, left it on silent. Late-night driving, I think too much, this sh*t is tiring. See the sirens, my speakers loud, can’t stand the silence. I’m f***ing wildin’, while my anxiety has been moving up a couple of levels, I just need space. The person I try to be is in a battle with the devil telling me to go astray. I had some people around me, I swear they were real but they all turned out to be fake. The truth of this cold world is it hurts to feel – it’s part of the price that we pay.” – lyrics

‘Selfish’ tells an intriguing tale about a young guy who lost himself somewhere along the way. Apparently, he’s an introvert who doesn’t know the person he has become. Also, he’s struggling to keep his sanity and doesn’t mind being on his own. Later, he admits, “Because I keep carrying all of this well don’t mean that this pain will disappear ‘cause it won’t.”

‘Selfish’ contains a relatable narrative and harmonious rap flow that will resonate well with fans of Drake and Post Malone. The likable tune possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with a warm contemporary rap vibration. Furthermore, “Selfish” is featured on Ollie’s latest EP, entitled, “Underrated.” The four-track project contains warm and relatable pop and hip-hop tracks, written to strengthen Ollie’s bond with his fans.

“Selfish, I’ve been feeling lost that’s the truth. I’m an introvert struggle with my thoughts is all I do.”

Ollie press photo

“I’ve always felt like an outsider, I think that’s what connects me most with the people who listen to my music. Together, we’re lonely in this confusing world, empowered by the songs that play over and over for the majority of our days. When I started creating music almost a decade ago, I spent thousands of hours trying to come up with a phrase that encapsulated what I was attempting to accomplish.

I can’t remember how it happened, but sometime in late 2013, while recording in my grandma’s basement – the words ‘more than music’ entered my mind. I had no idea back then how important those three words would become in my life. I had subconsciously just begun building the cornerstone of my career that holds true even to this day.” – Ollie explained

Ollie developed his career on YouTube. So far, he has accumulated over 160 million streams on Spotify, with close to half a billion streams across various platforms. His fans are his label, a group of like-minded individuals who have experienced similar struggles, felt the same pain, and are together yet lonely. Music is the medium that connects them.

“I picked up all my pieces and put ‘em together but something ain’t feeling the same.”

Ollie - “Underrated” EP cover art

“My fans are my family, my label, my team, and my friends. Our connection runs deeper than merely the music we listen to; we’re inseparable through our shared experiences, our lives, and the stories that embody “more than music” perfectly. As we continue on this journey together, I plan to live up to that phrase over and over again. For anyone who’s ever felt underrated, this project is for you.” – Ollie explained


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