Nva - “What I Want” press photo

Nva releases a lovely electro-pop single, entitled, “What I Want”

Nva (@nva.this) is an up-and-coming Oslo-based singer-songwriter from Løten, Norway. Not too long ago, she released a lovely electro-pop single, titled, “What I Want.”

Nva – “What I Want” single

“Baby, what I want is you, so love me the right way. You’re the one I want, it’s true, so love me ‘till I stay. I just want a love that will never end, a little loving for my heart ‘till it beats again. Yeah, my baby, what I want, what I want from you is a little understanding and a heart to send in a message when I’ve had a bad day again. Say you love me; say you mean it baby or we’re through.” – lyrics

‘What I Want’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young woman who doesn’t want to participate in any back-and-forth drama with her significant other. She hopes their darkest days are dead and gone, that’s what she truly wants. With thoughts of breaking up looming, she tells her partner, “Time to cut you loose ‘cause the feeling’s there when you hold me close, but the flame is gone when you let me go.”

‘What I Want’ is an R&B-meets-pop song about being at a crossroads in a relationship. The single follows Nva’s previously released single, “Hearts Are Made For Breaking.” Furthermore, “What I Want” will resonate well with fans of Mabel, Zara Larsson, and Madison Beer.

“Baby, what I want is you.”

Nva - “What I Want” press photo

“I think many people can identify with having stayed too long in something where they slowly lost themselves. Or on the other extreme, left someone too quickly, and later realized that the partner had not been so difficult to deal with after all. This might come as a surprise (ha-ha) but no one is a mind reader, and you simply have to say things exactly as they are in order to give people a chance to change. It’s amazing what can happen if you communicate what you really want from each other. So, here’s to letting your baby know what’s on your wish list!” – Nva explained

Nova goes by Nva because the artist’s name Nova was already being used by other artists. She loves ‘80s vibes, R&B, and soul. Her music is a mixture of old and new sounds. She writes about love, heartache, and finding new paths. To listeners, she says, “I hope you feel something while listening, get clarity on your path, and maybe even heal a little.”

After five years in L.A., Nva returned to Norway and kickstarted her career in 2017, when she also signed her first record deal. Since then, she has had several successful releases, spanning from “Colorful,” which she co-wrote with Hanne Mjøen, “Why Did You,” which was featured on huge playlists such as Hits Don’t Lie and New Pop on Spotify, and “Had Enough” and “Savage,” which accumulated more than 800 plays on Norwegian radio in the past couple of years.

Nva – “What I Want” single

Nva - “What I Want” cover art

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