Ni/Co releases a brand new indie-pop tune, entitled, “Stranger”

Ni/Co (Dani Brillhart & Colton) is an R&B/Pop duo based in Nashville, Tennessee. Not too long ago, they released a brand new indie-pop tune, entitled, “Stranger”.

Ni/Co – “Stranger”

“You treat me like a stranger, I’m hanging from the wire, you throw me to the fire. But I don’t feel the danger until the flames get higher, you burned up my desire. So tired of this sh*t.” – lyrics

Ni/Co follows up their “Wall Speaks” single with “Stranger”, an indie-pop tune splashed with rock elements. According to the duo, the single is the third song released from their project using six-one minute videos.

Ni/Co – “Stranger”


“‘Stranger’ is a captivating song with a message of isolation and the desire to feel something from the people around you.” – Ni/Co

Ni/Co encourages their followers to stop an unknown person in the street and ask them their name. This act, they believe, will help fight isolation in our society.

“Have you ever stopped and thought what the person’s name is sitting next to you in traffic? Have you ever wondered what their story is and what makes them tick? Probably not. Probably not because our society is filled with tunnel vision. We exist each day thinking only of our path while billions of others are existing on their own. Have you ever wondered what it would mean to someone if you acknowledged their existence? It could mean nothing. It could also mean the entire world. Being treated like an outsider or a nobody is a feeling too many people in this life will know.” – Ni/Co stated via Facebook 

We recommend adding Ni/Co’s “Stranger” single to your personal playlist.

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